PentestBox: get started with pentest on Windows

pentestbox sinitier in pentest under windows
pentestbox sinitier in pentest under windows

Last updated: December 31, 2022

PentestBox is a dedicated IT security tool package that weighs in at 2 GB, it has an impressive number of tools, all through a very intuitive command line interface which I am sure you will like.

PentestBox is intended for both security professionals and Ethical Hacking enthusiasts.

PentestBox contains network scanners, web vulnerability scanners, proxy, password cracking tools, reverse engineering tools, frame analyzer or sniffer... etc.

Obviously, there is something for everyone, and it can unfortunately be used for dishonest purposes but I think that if you want to test the quality of your network, your site, or your computer, this tool will be able to you to help.

PentestBox also contains lots of Linux utilities compiled for Windows like cat, bash, chmod, curl, git, ssh, mv, sh ... etc, which allows to run tools which were not then usable, until now only under Linux.

Note that Pentestbox barely consumes more than 20 MB of memory (RAM). All this makes PentestBox, an excellent 100% Windows distro, in which the most hackers, will be able to integrate their own tools.

PentestBox is fully portable, now you can perform your own penetration test with a simple USB stick.

Download PentestBox