PeerBlock: it blocks the IP addresses that monitor you

PeerBlock blocks IP addresses that are monitoring you
PeerBlock blocks IP addresses that are monitoring you

Last updated: July 3, 2022

If you are addicted to downloading on P2P networks, but don't want to go through a VPN, PeerBlock is the solution for you.
This software allows, in fact, to block unwanted IPs who would come and see what you download.
Peerblock is a smart, open source, free software that analyzes your Internet connection and automatically block IP addresses of monitoring organizations (including Hadopi) and spy servers that enter the system without your knowledge. And it's 100% legal !
PeerBlock simply controls who your computer talks to on the Internet. It not only helps protect you from dangerous servers that spy on you, but by selecting the correct list, you are also safe from servers that monitor your activities on P2P networks. The application is based on lists of IP referenced as harmful.
Here the reaction time is important since
HADOPI and other surveillance companies do not hesitate to change their servers' IPs. With PeerBlock, you are therefore making a slightly risky bet depending on the update of the IP addresses of the database, but unlike a VPN, the data transfer is fast.
In addition, the program can count on a strong community to update the offending IP lists or ranges.

How to use PeerBlock?

Start by download PeerBlock. After installation, the program starts. You must choose the addresses you want to block.
Check the box " P2P ", Which corresponds to anti-downloading organizations, of which Hadopi is part, and the box" spyware To protect you from spyware that abounds on the Internet. Also check the box " Always Allow HTTP "To prevent certain sites from being blocked, then click on" Next ».
Then choose to monitor software updates and IP lists daily to avoid surprises. Done " Next So that the software will check for updates and wait for the changes to take effect.
peer block
Finally in the main window you will see the number of IPs blocked by your PC (over 763 million on my version!) as well as authorized exchanges with the outside world.
In short, Peerblock remains a good protection against all surveillance services and other curious little ones. To try without further delay! 🙂