Optimize your PC in just a few clicks with Glary Utilities

optimize your pc in just a few clicks with glary utilities
optimize your pc in just a few clicks with glary utilities

If your computer is outdated and you have installed and uninstalled several software, downloaded files from the Internet, or equipped it with many peripherals, you may need to perform diagnostics and, if possible, optimize the computer. system in order to obtain the best possible performance.

Glary Utilities provides several tools for diagnosing, repairing any hardware problems, and speeding up operating system performance.

Available for free on the publisher's site, this application offers a customizable interface (background), Simple, User-friendly and understandable by all, beginners As confirmed user.


On the menu, you can run a cleaner from the Windows registry, a hard drive cleaner to delete temporary files and optimize file fragmentation, a program manager to install or uninstall software rather than using the utility provided by Microsoft.

There is also a tool that allows you toerase internet browsing traces, an antivirus as well as a document encryption and decryption application.

The software presents three panels with a home menu displaying useful information such as computer startup time (with an estimate of the number of users which is faster or slower), access to the main functions of the program in a strip of the interface.

The tab 1-Click Maintenance allows you to run multiple scans within the registry, viruses, temporary files and boot optimization with just one mouse click. It's very useful.


Finally the tab Advanced tools provides access to many other tools. If an update of any of the software that is installed on the computer is available on the internet, Glary Utilities offers its download and centrally which avoids going to a publisher's site then another, etc.

If you know what you should do on the computer because it is starting to have problems, the software has enough tools to optimize the system.

If you don't know what to do, that's not a problem either, since all you have to do is run a diagnosis or analyze the machine more generally for the program to give satisfactory results.

On a daily basis, Glary Utilities is not too intrusive. For Android smartphone users, be aware that it is possible to download a free version of Glary Utilities.

It allows you to optimize the cache memory of the mobile with a single gesture, to kill the current application tasks and to schedule an automatic cleaning, for example.

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