Boost your Android smartphone with Avira Android Optimizer

avira android booster
avira android booster

Do you ever find your smartphone getting sluggish while running an app or just browsing the internet? Want to know how to make your smartphone faster?

So know that there are several tips on the Net for boost your smartphone. In this article, I will introduce you to an application that I personally use to improve the performance of my Android smartphone and tablet.

The app is called: Avira Android Optimizer. It is an application for Android intended to boost the performance of your Android smartphone. It dramatically improves the speed and performance of your smartphone or tablet in three easy steps: Analyze - Clean - Optimize.

Avira Android Optimizer provides maintenance andoptimization of your smartphones and tablets in terms of speed, RAM, autonomy and data security.

The application incorporates a Speed ​​Booster function thanks to which you can speed up the start-up of your applications and optimize processes in use on your mobile device.

The application also has a function which allows the management of the RAM. It provides an overview of the running applications and allows to kill the processes that slow down your smartphone, too greedy in use of RAM. So at the same time to free the RAM.

Avira Android Optimizer also offers you the possibility of cleaning up a little and freeing up storage space on your smartphone or tablet by deleting all the files that unnecessarily occupy your storage space (downloaded files, application cache, etc. .).

Finally, the Avira utility protects your personal data and allows you to delete your search and call histories, and to erase your archived SMS conversations.


Main characteristics

  • One Tap Boost : Automatically cleans unnecessary files and frees memory, without any data loss.
  • Memory Optimizer : displays a list of all active processes, their memory footprint, and allows the user to terminate unwanted ones.
  • Application Manager : lists all the applications already installed, their storage footprint, and allows the user to uninstall unwanted ones.
  • Junk cleaner : scans and lists junk files that fill up the storage space of the smartphone, including caches, duplicate files, large files and APK files.
  • Privacy Cleaner : allows the user to erase sensitive data from their phones (browser history, call logs, Facebook cache, WhatsApp cache, ...)

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