Opera, a brand new browser with free VPN

vpn secure connection
vpn secure connection

Last updated: January 2, 2023

In April 2019, Opera announces a major new update for its browser. Her name: reborn 3. With this version, the developers added to their browser a Brand new powerful, fast and free VPN.

It is the only browser to date integrating a service free VPN which does not require any subscription, or additional extension.

To recall, a VPN allows encrypt your internet communications, by servers that bridge the gap between the sites visited, and the end user.

Obviously, the free VPN Opera does not offer as many possibilities as a paid version. For example, you will only have the choice between 3 connection zones: Europe, America and Asia.

After doing a NordVPN test with the VPN Opera, the 2019 version of the latter is faster than the old one, especially in Europe and America.

The Asian connection still suffers from many latencies. It is very complicated to watch a movie in its entirety.

Another point, while NordVPN offers a VPN that can be installed on all your devices (iOS, Android, Mac or Windows), you will only be able to use Opera VPN if you browse on its browser. This is a way to attract users to Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

It should also be noted that this VPN does not guarantee a total anonymity. Everything you do on Opera is transmitted to the Opera servers. But the company has promised that no activity data will be collected and that there will be no integrated monetization system.

How to activate Opera VPN?

  • First of all download the latest version Opera. Once on the Opera home page, go to Menu -> Settings -> Privacy.
  • Scroll down until you find the VPN tab and enable it. Note that the speed of your traffic may be slightly impaired.

    Opera VPN on Windows
  • This done you can see in the search bar a VPN button, click below to choose your location. connection.

And on Android?

Opera user on Android, you will be delighted to learn that VPN is also available on your mobile devices.

Simply download the Opera app for Android, go to the browser settings and activate the VPN.

Opera for Android

It is possible, as on a PC, to choose a connection location (Europe, America and Asia).

I advise you to stay on the optimal setting to avoid any loss of connection. You can also enjoy n ad blocker, for an cryptocurrency wallet and data saving mode.