Onionshare: Share a file anonymously with TOR

onionshare anonymous files
onionshare anonymous files

Last updated: July 8, 2022

Are you concerned about your privacy? A little, a lot, madly? For you I found you the ideal solution for sharing files securely and anonymously.

With a simple and fast technique, OnionShare allows you to share sensitive files (or not!) With your relatives and friends. The surveillance services and other curious little ones will see nothing but fire ...
In my previous articles, I already told you about Tor, this protocol allowing you to surf anonymously and hide your activities on the Internet. Note that the software OnionShare allows files to be transferred using the Tor protocol.

The purpose of the software is to share potentially "sensitive" files to or to countries where citizen surveillance is maximum.

How does it work ?

Its operation is simple, OnionShare is a small python script (open source) which will create a temporary server on your computer and it will generate a url in, onion only accessible via Tor to be able to recover the file.

The software will also add a unique key to the URL which will be used to authenticate your correspondent. Your machine will just have to stay on for the duration of the transfer. It is even possible to shut down the server when the files are transferred.
The icing on the cake, your correspondent will not even have to install OnionShare to receive the files since a simple connection to Tor is enough to access the URL of your hidden service.

How to use OnionShare?

To be able to use OnionShare, it is necessary to first install the Tor browser on your PC. For reception, your correspondents will not need OnionShare, but Tor remains mandatory. Download the latest version of Tor Browser and set it up. (look at my article about it if you are lost).
You will then need to install OnionShare. A window should appear with space to drag and drop files, buttons to add items, and a checkbox if you want to stop the server automatically. The latter is useful if you want to stop sharing when your correspondent has retrieved the files.
Put as many files and folders as you want and click on Start the server. OnionShare will then simply generate a link which will point to a hidden service, a web page accessible only to Tor users. To all users? Nope ! Only to the one of your choice.
Indeed, after the URL in .onion characteristic of hidden services, an encryption key is added (you can send it separately)! Send this link to your friend securely if the content is sensitive.

Armed with Tor, your little friend will just have to click to retrieve the files / folders bundled into a single ZIP. Once the transfer is complete, the server that will have been created on your machine will automatically stop if you clicked on the appropriate box.
Note that in order not to betray his IP. your correspondent will have to open your files offline or use the Live CD Tails compatible with Tor.