Over a million users connect to Facebook through Tor


According to data provided by Facebook, the number of monthly users passing through the Tor network to protect their privacy has passed the million mark for the first time.

As a reminder, Tor allows you to surf the internet anonymously. Unable to locate your real IP address. As you will have understood, you will be able to access websites without leaving traces of your identity and protecting your privacy.

Since October 2014, Facebook has offered secure access to its services directly in the Tor network. A .onion address has been created (facebookcorewwwi.onion), as well as another for mobile surfing (m.facebookcorewwwi.onion). On Android, we can use Orbot.

Progress is important: according to a statement published by the Facebook teams, for this month of April 2016, more than a million Internet users connected to Facebook through Tor. By comparison, anonymous connections were estimated at 525 in June 000.

Regarding access to Facebook from the network, the figures are above all indicative of the censorship imposed in certain countries. You may not know it but the internet censorship is widely applied in a few countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Syria, Iran, etc.

Using the Tor network is often the only way for some Internet users to access social networks in censored countries.

EL JAOUARI is an author and trainer. Passionate about IT security and new technologies. His tutorials have helped many people to better master today's computer tools.