My PC is getting too hot so what should I do?

my pc is getting too hot so what should i do

Last updated: January 1, 2023

You have a huge problem with overheating of your laptop, have you noticed that your computer is heating up more than normal? Does your PC restart unexpectedly, or even shut down if the temperature rises too high to prevent one or more components from burning?

In this article, I will teach you how to solve your overheating problems et easily cool your computer.

What are the symptoms of high heat?

  • Machine crash on a video or an image… etc.
  • Your computer starts shutting down unexpectedly too often.
  • Fan that rotates with high speed.

My PC is heating up What should I do?

Shut down the computer from time to time

If your computer restarts, let it do so normally like a normal restart. If it turns off by itself and displays a blue screen, do not turn it on yet. Wait a little while for it to cool down, then turn it back on.

Remove dust

Cleaning and removing dust plays a very important role in the computer cooling. Dust accumulates quickly inside, it blocks the ventilation and therefore it increases the heat. For cleaning, use a cotton swab or equivalent.

Open a front of the central unit

Another good tip for desktop computers is to open the front of the CPU. Like when you want to open your computer for hardware handling or cleaning. This will leave the PC open and allow much greater ventilation.

Use software dedicated to cooling the processor

There are several software programs available to help with CPU cooling. They allow all unnecessary instructions carried out by your processor to be put on standby when it is inactive, but also when you are using it, so you will lose a lot of heat and cool down your PC.

Use a cooling gadget

Opt for a cooling system that will be placed under your laptop and which is responsible for reducing the heat by sending air into the bronchi of your laptop.

Do not restrict air circulation

Use your PC on a flat surface so as not to limit air circulation. Avoid blankets, mattresses and any type of support that would conform to the shape of the PC and completely prevent air circulation.

Check that your computer is not hacked

A hacked computer quickly affects the proper functioning of the operating system. The computing power of your computer is of great interest to hackers. If your computer is hacked then its resources will be used without your knowledge which will overheat your PC. To find out if your computer is hacked, read this article: How do I know if my PC is hacked?.

Check if your computer is making bitcoin without your knowledge

When you visit certain supposedly free sites, they may use your PC to mine virtual currency without your knowledge. It's the cryptojacking.

When your PC faces a cryptojacking attack, it will use its resources to carry out mining operations and more specifically your processor. Your computer overheating and the noise of your fan are infallible indicators. To protect yourself against this attack, I invite you to read this article: Cryptojacking: your PC is making bitcoins without your knowledge.

Install a lighter operating system

Opt for a less greedy operating system resource of your PC. For example, moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or to a linux distribution will do !

If you have other tips for cooling a computer then don't hesitate to share them with us in a comment!