6 tips you absolutely need to know about Facebook Messenger

messgenger tip
messgenger tip

Last updated: September 10, 2023

As indicated by his name, Facebook Messenger is the application to interact with your Facebook friends directly on your mobile. However, this is not its only functionality.

Discover the best of this application through our 6 Messenger tips !

1) Share your story on Messenger

On the same principle of ephemeral social network videos Snapchat, Facebook also launched  Messenger Day which allows you to share a photo or a video live for a period of 24 hours to summarize your day.
To start the broadcast, tap your profile picture in Messenger, choose (+) and start the broadcast.

2) spot a friend who ignores you

When you send a message to your recipient, 4 statutes different make it possible to know the state of progress of this one, namely:

  • If your message is being sent.
  • If it is already sent.
  • If it is well received.
  • If it is read correctly by your recipient.

3) Play various Facebook games

To help you have even more fun with your friends, Messenger offers you several games for two like Pac-man and Space Invaders. You can also play against the computer by opening a conversation with yourself.

4) Send 15 second videos

In the middle of a conversation with your interlocutor on Messenger, you can send him a 15 second short video to express your emotions, your ideas, even send a face.
To do this, choose camera when sending a message, and then press record video for 15 seconds.

5) start a secret conversation

Just like the encrypted or secret mode browsing of your web browser, Messenger also offers encrypt your conversation to prevent a malicious person hack your Facebook account.
When you start a conversation on a smartphone Android, tap “i” in the upper right corner and choose “Go to secret chat”.
On an iOS Device, start a new chat, choose “Secret” at the top right, then select your contact.
The encrypted discussion is displayed in black.

6) Use Gifs, Stickers or Emojis

To express your ideas or your emotions, emojis, stickers or even Gifs are add-ons that can make your job easier on Messenger.

New sticker packs are available to you every day featuring famous characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants and his universe or Family Guy that you can easily download by selecting "+" in the Stickers menu.