Marianas web, the darkest corner of the internet

marianas web
marianas web

Last updated: January 1, 2023

In previous articles, we saw what the darknet and how to access it. But did you know that this is not the only level of the web and that there are many others? What are they ? What are they for ? What can we find there? This is the subject of this article.

The web is made up of several levels. If access to level 2 remains relatively easy, access to the following ones, and in particular from level 4, requires complex equipment and knowledge.

The information contained in these different levels of the deep web is also different. For example, information on PCs and tobacco can be found in levels 2,3, 4 and 5, while level XNUMX contains government secrets.

Here, I will detail the different levels of the web as well as their accessibility methods.

Level 0: The Common Web

The common web is the level that we frequent daily: Google, Twitter, Facebook, FunInformatique and other easily accessible sites can be found here. Most of these websites systematically identify their users by their IP adress.

Level 1: The Web Surface

This level is also accessible with a normal browser, but it contains websites hidden from the general public.

Fullerenes download sites torrent servicestemporary email addresses, web hosting, MYSQL databases can be found here

Level 2: Bergie Web

The content of level 2 is more "underground" and contains slightly unhealthy websites for some but which are still indexed by search engines.

In level 2, you can find bloody sites, false child pornography sites, honeypot, hacking forums, and other illegal sites.

Level 3: Darknet

From level 3, it gets more complicated. THE'using a VPN is mandatory to protect yourself.

It is possible to access level 3 via the Tor network. There are more or less legal or secret contents. Banned and censored media, drugs, human trafficking, banned films and books, etc. Many things that need stealth are present on level 3.

Level 4: The Charter Web

From this level, nothing is certain, I have never had access to everything I am going to talk about from now on. No one has ever prove the existence of these two levels. Is it really real? This is the question I ask you if you are reading this article. If any of you have had access to these two levels, please tell us if it is true or not.

According to the myth, to get to level 4, you would need a " Closed Shell System », Very complicated to access. It's a local network using .closed addresses, either, so no one has access to it, no one has ever seen it apart from the "military" etc ... or it is an intranet.

In level 4, we can find WWII plans, cult sites, top secret information on governments, and even the location of Atlantis, of course there are also and especially harsh child pornography sites.

Level 5: The Marianas Web

The legend of the web Marianas seems to derive its name from the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench, located in the Pacific Ocean.

It is supposed to be the last level of the internet, a place containing almost all the secrets of the universe, from the making of quantum computers to the location of Atlantis to the secrets of the Illuminati.

Apparently to dive deeper and wait Marianas Web, theoretically it would be necessary move to high level hardware changes and move no longer to basic computing but toquantum computing.

But who has the knowledge for quantum computing? The government ?

I think this level is pure fiction. An epic troll that people have taken for granted. But I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this.