Make your own video game with Game Maker

game maker games
game maker games

Have you always wanted to make a video game, but C ++ discourages you? With Game Maker, maybe your dreams will come true! This software is very powerful which has a very simple interface, and which will allow you, in a few clicks of the mouse, to create your video games in the easiest way in the world.

Game Maker is created by Mark Overmars using the Delphi programming language. The first version of Game Maker was released on November 15, 1999.

Game Maker offers graphic tools to create all genres of games (platform, action, puzzle, RPG, adventure, etc.) with an in-house language derived from Delphi. It is also possible to use 2D or 3D graphics. The game created can even be multiplayer online.

The Standard version will allow you to get started without spending a single cent. The paid versions at $50 and $800 offer many more options such as 3D, texture management, resources for Android or the latest generation consoles.

How to make video games with Game Maker?

There are many tutorials for this software which has been around for a long time now. If you are just starting out, here is a very nice tutorial made by Canard PC:

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