PC or MAC? What to choose ?

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laptop choice1

Last updated: July 3, 2022

Throughout their history, Macs have distinguished themselves from PCs for many years by using a different type of processor. While PCs carried Intel or AMD chips, Macs operated using processors. IBM designed in a totally different way.

But the situation changed in 2005! Because that year, Apple announced its intention to adopt Intel processors for all its computers, the same as those used for PCs.

Since then, questions keep coming back: What to buy? What to choose ? PC or Mac ? Which is the best performing? To help you make your choice, here are some things to compare between the two Mac and PC machines.

Design side

Among the reasons for Apple's success is undoubtedly the special attention that the company pays to design. All Macs have a special design, the result of many years of research and development. This is why their products are designed to be beautiful, simple and innovative. Apple computers are indeed very cool with their slim aluminum unibody design.
On the other hand, PCs have a poorer design. Certainly, some brands of PC can compete, they are even very similar to the Mac but only if you are willing to pay for the high-end models.

Software side

According to a study published by Smart Service, software problems such as crashes, inexplicable errors and viruses are 4 times more frequent among intervention requests on PCs (19% compared to 5% on Macs). This comes from the fact that it provides not only the hardware but also the operating system with personal and professional software. This guarantees perfect compatibility between these different elements and therefore better stability.

Another advantage of Apple is that Macs seem to resist malware particularly well and this comes down to the fact that the mac os x system is used less and therefore less targeted by hackers! Hackers want to target as many people as possible. However, users PC Windows are more numerous than Mac users, which partly explains the low proportion of Mac OS viruses that windows.

However, pc users can also reduce virus infections by going through a linux distribution.


Material side

From a hardware point of view, there is no real difference between the inside of a MAC computer and that of a PC. They both run on the same type of Intel processors. So much so that it is now possible to install windows, Microsoft's operating system on a Mac.

Conversely, can we install MAC OS X on a PC?

In theory yes, it is also possible to install Apple's operating system on a PC. But in practice this remains impossible because of a digital lock. And especially because it is prohibited by Apple. On the other hand, this software constraint (and not hardware) is however bypassed (illegally) by many hackers.

On the other hand, PCs in turn benefit from a platform open to competition, which has allowed a multitude of manufacturers to offer less expensive, more powerful and durable machines. There is therefore a much wider choice of PC computers for all budgets.

Another advantage of the PC: maintenance. A PC is also designed to allow its user to update the various hardware components: graphics card, sound card, memory, processor, etc.

On the other hand, the Mac does not. Indeed, according to the Malin service study, MAC users are much more likely to have to call a professional (9% of requests on Macs relate to updates, against only 2% on PC).


Finally, the choice of a Mac or a PC depends on the needs of the user. You must choose the computer that best suits your needs or your religion: Apple or Microsoft, and therefore a Mac OS or Windows. Rest thelinux alternative, for DIY enthusiasts and who wants to upgrade their machine.