Lock your PC in case of theft

lock theft pc
lock theft pc

Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

You are afraid of losing your PC and you want to lock it in case of theft ? Do you also want no one to be able to access your data?

To prevent a thief from trying as many passwords as they want, you can lock your pc after a number of unsuccessful attempts.

Here's how to do it:

Lock your PC with Command Prompt

  • First of all, you need to open Command Prompt with administrative privileges. Click on the Start menu then type Command Prompt, then right-click on the suggested result and select Execute as administrator.

  • Now type the command net accounts / lockoutthreshold: 5 and validate by entry.
Command to lock your PC in case of theft

Five is the number of times the smart one can try to find your password. You can choose any number you want.

Here if the evil one tries more than 5 times to find your password, then it will not be able to retry for 30 minutes, and your computer will be locked.

If your PC is stolen, the thief will also have a hard time spotting your password. This therefore increases the security of your computer.

To change the duration, type the command net accounts / lockoutduration: 120 and validate to block the account for two hours. It's up to you to choose the duration you want.

If you set the account lock duration to 0, your session will be locked until an administrator manually unlocks it.

Finally, if you want disable your pc lock, just set the number of attempts to 0. Like this: net accounts / lockoutthreshold: 0.