Locate and transfer your Skype history

historical skype
historical skype

L'Skype history brings together all instant messages exchanged with your contacts or groups and displays all calls made or received on Skype. It is saved on your hard drive for a defined period, which you can specify in your account settings.

If you want to transfer your Skype history to a new PC, you can! Even if it is well hidden, this file is not encrypted! So you can transfer your history from one computer to another by simply copying the main database files to the folder with your Skype name.

Transfer your Skype conversation history

To transfer your conversation history, follow these steps:

Step 1:

First, you will need to display the hidden folders. In the "Control panel", done "Appearance and customization","Folder Options"and select the" tabDisplays and Signage". Here check the box" Show hidden files, folders, and drive. "Don't forget to validate.


Step 2:

You will then have to go to c: users [username] AppDataRoamingSkype [Skype nickname]. In this directory you will find the file main.db. To transfer your conversation, all you have to do is save this file and then transfer it to your new computer in the same place. If other people connect to Skype from the target PC, you will also see their nickname in the folder RoamingSkype. Each of them has a main.db file.


All the data is present in clear in main.db. Just use a utility like SQLite Browser to retrieve confidential information. So be careful if you have to leave your PC unattended. 🙂

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