Listen to your favorite songs for free and legally

music streaming
music streaming

Not easy to find happiness when you are a music lover and want to listen and read your favorite songs for free and legally without spending hours looking for everything.

Freemake Music Box allows you to search andlisten to free music online, and organize them into playlists to listen to them anytime. To do so, you will not need to create an account or register, and all legally. Over 42 million audio tracks in this jukebox!

Thanks to Freemake Music Box, you can listen to millions of songs online, organize your music collection in the easiest way, without surfing from one website to another.
Conclusion search allows you to retrieve the music you want to listen to on different social networks for streaming video or audio. Freemake Music Box indexes music that has been legally published by websites like audiobank.

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Download your music for free with Freemake

Step 1:

Start by download Freemake Music Box. Choose a custom installation to avoid installing additional software. Open the program then enter the name of the song, album or artist in the search field. The software suggests titles to you as you type the letters. Choose a title then click on "Search".


 Step 2:

FreeMake searches the web for results and gives you a list of choices. These results include free music legally available on the internet in streaming. You will also find videos. Scroll up and down and click “More Tracks” to view more choices.

Step 3:

Click the Play button to load and listen to the music in the player. If the video originated from a site such as Youtube, the video will be displayed in the lower left part.

Step 4:

To add a song to your playlist, click the plus icon next to the song you want. To delete a song, drag and drop the song into the playlist, click the down arrow on the playlist title bar. Click on pencil and a name then validate.


Step 5:

To create a new playlist, click the down arrow on the title bar and click “create playlist”. Enter a name then validate. Use the search tool to find and add songs to your playlist, or click “Add Files” to add music and videos from your hard drive.