Limit bandwidth under Windows 10

limit bandwidth windows 10
limit bandwidth windows 10

Excessive bandwidth consumption under Windows 10 ? Here is a simple tool that not only allows you to monitor your traffic Internet but also limit bandwidth Windows 10 by upload or download of any application or process. This tool is called NetBalancer.

NetBalancer is Shareware software that allows you to monitor all of your internet traffic, Download and Upload throughput, list running processes and display protocols used, CPU usage level. You can also define a priority level for each application which allows you to optimize Windows.

You will be able to limit bandwidth a software that you leave to run in the background, and give more bandwidth to your web browser to continue to surf the Internet comfortably.

How to use NetBalancer?

First of all, download NetBalancer from their official website. Once installed, NetBalancer is automatically loaded at startup. Windows.

To list the processes that connect to the internet, click on the icon at the top right with the small graphic as in the image above:

For each process, the current download and upload rate is displayed.

Then, to limit the bandwidth of a greedy program, click with the right button of the mouse on the process of the software in question and lower its priority in download (download) and upload by clicking on low:

It is also possible to define a speed limit not to be exceeded. To do this, click on Limit then enter the maximum transfer rate that this software cannot exceed.

Note that the free version of NetBalancer for Windows 10 includes certain limitations such as the possibility of defining only three rules and three priorities which is more than sufficient. Beyond that, you will have to turn to the full paid version of the software.