The best cross-platform games on Android

Last updated: September 22, 2023

In recent years, entertainment has continued to take root online with new platforms and other servers ready to accommodate hundreds of players, viewers or other people looking for innovative ways to entertain themselves.

Undoubtedly, the gaming world and fun as a whole have gone in this direction. More than a traditional game on a console or a fun activity previously disputed during a specific day or appointment, the Internet world has now opened its doors to frequent, even permanent online games. To the delight of regulars and fans of these video games, traditional activities or even card games.

On this subject, what are the most popular online games in 2023?


Famous battle royale mode from the historic Call of Duty franchise, Warzone attracts a bewildering number of regular players every month. Last February, Activision – the developer of the game – had identified an average of 60 million active. A figure that surpasses most of the overall online activities and puts this new type of game in the front of the poster.

Online entertainment also goes through consoles.

With a second edition of this flagship game scheduled for November, it goes without saying that Warzone is set to continue breaking records and becoming a major player in online entertainment for many years to come.

Genshin impact

Genshin impact is undoubtedly one of the most popular RPG games in the world. In fact, the game had over 21 million pre-registered users even before its release date.

It's got polish, a solid main story, a beautiful and action-packed open world, co-op, cross-play, a relatively low-key paywall, and it's an anime game.

Genshin Impact is full of countless magical characters who will come with their own set of unique skills to slay enemies. Since it is an open-world game that one can explore through multiple moves like walking, swimming, gliding, and climbing.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is a survival game where 100 players compete in player versus player combat. Whoever is the last player standing wins the match.

It's a fast-paced, action-packed game, much like The Hunger Games, where strategic thinking is a must to survive. There are approximately 125 million players in Fortnite.


Minecraft is a sandbox adventure type game, which means that it integrates “tools” to shape its own game universe. You find yourself thrown into a vast open world without hardware. The goal is to stay alive.

The two main modes of the game are Survival and Creative. In Survival, players must find their own building materials and food. They also interact with block-like monsters or moving creatures.

In Creative, players are given supplies and don't have to eat to survive. They can also break all kinds of blocks immediately.

PUBG Mobile

Since its launch, PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) Mobile has been one of the most downloaded and played games on Android. It's a shooter and survival game in "Battle Royale" mode where 100 players are parachuted onto an island and must fight each other until only one player or team is left standing.

Its high-quality graphics, immersive gameplay, and regular updates make it a preferred choice for many gamers.

Among Us

Developed by Innersloth, Among Us is a multiplayer social deduction game that quickly spread like wildfire. Players are divided into two groups: crewmates and impostors.

Crewmates must complete tasks around the spaceship or base, while impostors must sabotage their efforts and eliminate crewmates without being unmasked.

Chat sessions where players debate who the imposter is are often intense and hilarious.


Whether it's shooting games, action role-playing games, or social deduction games, there's something for everyone on the Play Store. And while the popularity of games can fluctuate over time, these 6 titles have proven that they have what it takes to captivate the attention of gamers everywhere.

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