Laser printer or inkjet printer? What to choose ?


Last updated: October 14, 2023

Generally, printers work with two types of printing techniques: inkjet and laser.

These two technologies meet different needs that it is important to define in order to optimize the choice of your printer. We would especially not like to end up with a printer that does not meet our needs.
What to buy What to choose ? Inkjet or laser? If you're in doubt, here are some benchmarks to help you make the right choice.

Inkjet printers


Inkjet printing is today the most widespread in France, in particular thanks to its low price and its performance. Inkjet printers are intended for the general public and laser printers are intended for professionals and businesses. You should know that inkjet printing allows you to print all types of documents (black and white texts, in color, photos, etc.) with very good quality. It uses liquid ink and allows color renditions of almost photographic quality.

Another significant advantage of inkjet printers, their purchase cost is usually lower than that of a laser printer on the other hand, ink cartridges generally have to be replaced more often. For example, with an ink cartridge at 30 euros, we will print about 300 pages while with a laser toner at 100 euros, we print 1500 pages.

Another element to consider in the calculation is liquid ink: cartridges can dry out if they are not used regularly.

Laser printer 


Mediafixer laser printers Colors remain quite expensive to purchase and use, on the other hand they are more economical for high print speeds. These printers are generally reserved for volume prints of color graphics: if you need color as an individual, you should therefore opt for an inkjet model instead.

The cost of toner in laser printers is higher, but it allows you to print a much larger number of pages and, above all, faster. An inkjet printer cartridge can print between 100 and 1500 pages while for a laser toner, this figure increases between 1000 and 10 pages and more. However, the toner in this type of printer, unlike the cartridges in inkjet printers, does not dry out.

On the strength side, the laser printer has a much longer life, and tends to last longer which makes them a more suitable investment for the long term.
In addition, a Laser Printer remains quiet during its printing cycle, allowing for a quieter environment.


Obviously, you need to choose the printer that will best suit your needs. Technical characteristics and price cannot be the only selection criteria.

Even though inkjet printers today is not very expensive, manufacturers often make up for the price of cartridges, so you have to make a choice by putting forward the points that we have seen previously. Pay attention to the quality of your paper, this can have a big impact on the quality of a printout.

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