Know the start and stop time of Windows 10

know windows 10 start-up time
know windows 10 start-up time

You want to know the Windows 10 startup and shutdown history ? In this article, I offer you a simple solution without installing any software.

The fastest way to find out the full time and date of the last Windows startup or shutdown is to take a look in the logs of theevent observer.

In case you didn't know, Event Viewer is a simple but very versatile tool that logs the whole system and some application events.

Indeed, when you turn off your computer, an event with code ID 6006 is recorded in the logs. This involves stopping the machine.

How to know the start and stop time of Windows 10?

Follow the steps below to see thestartup and shutdown history in Windows 10.

  • First, right click on the Start button.
  • In the "Find" box of the start menu, type the following line: Eventvwr. msc
  • The Event Viewer window appears. Now click on the action Create a custom view.
  • Expand the list Event logs and check the box System.
  • Click in the field All event IDs and enter the IDs 6005 et 6006 separated by a comma.
  • If you want to target a particular user, enter their name in the list User.
  • Then click on OK.
  • Give the view a name and validate with OK.

As you will have understood, when Windows starts up, it indicates the reference 6005 in the logs and the value 6006 indicates the time of shutdown of the computer.

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