Know who a person is talking to on WhatsApp

whatsapp chat flat design
whatsapp chat flat design

Last updated: July 6, 2024

If you arrive on this article, it is out of need to check who a person is talking with on WhatsApp. No judgment here, you have your own reasons for doing this. This can be especially useful for parents wanting to make sure their children are safe, for example.

While WhatsApp boasts of security and encryption of conversations, is it really possible to know who a person is talking to on WhatsApp. The answer is yes, with certain conditions.

Access application storage

If we are talking about verification in the context of a relationship of trust, with your child for example, access to the telephone will be necessary. There is a trick to save time and avoid getting into conversations one by one. For this, WhatsApp offers an option classifying the contacts with whom the most interactions have been carried out.

To verify this, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings of the WhatsApp application.
  • Go to the menu " Data usage and storage ».
  • Click on the " Manage storage ».

You will then see at the bottom the discussions that take up the most space in the phone storage. This is an effective method of knowing the favorite contacts of a person.

Use WhatsApp Web on your computer

Another solution for checking a person's conversations live and thus find out who she is talking to, WhatsApp Web.
The application can be launched directly from your Internet browser by following the steps described in our article How to use WhatsApp on your PC Windows.

Again, you will need access to the person's phone. It will be necessary to scan a QR Code to allow connection from your computer. Once this connection is made, you will see the discussions appear in real time.

Monitor a contact's activity remotely

Now the real question! Is it possible to know with whom a person talk on whatsapp without having access to his phone ? The answer is no. Even though some apps can be installed on devices and then spy on them, this still requires a certain level of access.

At most, you will have the opportunity to monitor the activity of a WhatsApp contact, via applications (most of the time paid), such as Wossip (see our article on this subject).
Beware of any apps that promise you unlimited access to your contacts' messages. They are often scams targeting your data, or asking you to pay without any results afterwards.

Some apps claim to be able to tell you when two-person chats are taking place, but then again, this is not 100% reliable. These apps simply analyze your contacts' online hours. By a simple calculation, she deduces that if two contacts connected and then disconnected at the same time, there is a great chance that he spoke to each other. However, you will not be sure.