Know the model of your motherboard

know your motherboard
know your motherboard

Last updated: December 25, 2022

Do you want to know the version of your motherboard? Although computer hardware such as your RAM and your graphics card is easy to identify, things are not easy with your motherboard.

Depending on its motherboard and operating system, a few additional steps are required. But luckily, it's still easy for beginners to do it. You can easily find out its motherboard, without having to dig into the innards of your PC.

Here is the simple and easy way to identify your motherboard.

Find out your motherboard using the command prompt

You can easily identify your motherboard model and serial number using Command Prompt Windows.

First of all, under Windows 10, Enter cmd in the search field and validate with Enter.

Another method for open command prompt consists of simultaneously pressing the buttons on the keyboard Windows + R and type cmd.

Then once your command window is open, enter the following command then validate with Enter.

wmic baseboard get product, Manufacturer, version, serialnumber

Remember not to include spaces between modifiers like product and manufacturer, separating them only with a comma. The manufacturer and model of your motherboard. The serial number is also indicated if the manufacturer has provided it.

Know the motherboard model with system information

If you prefer a GUI-based method of knowing your motherboard, you can access the system information of Windows. System information Windows can also provide you with your motherboard details.

This is the easiest way to identify your motherboard model and brand under Windows.

  • First, press the key Windows on your keyboard (a key with the logo Windows) + the R key.
  • Then when the Run window opens, type msinfo32 and hit Enter.
  • This will open a window with all the system information of Windows.

Finally, your motherboard information should be specified next to the base card manufacturer, the base card product, and the base card version.