How to know if your iPhone is reconditioned or new?


You recently purchased a new iPhone and you want to know if it is new or reconditioned ? In this tutorial, I explain how know the date of commissioning of your iPhone. To do this, we will see if your iPhone is still under warranty.

THEiPhone as all Apple products benefit from coverage ofone year warranty. This guarantee allows you to obtain the repair or replacement of a smartphone presenting a malfunction. You still need to know if the warranty is still active on your iPhone.

Fortunately the apple site gives us the possibility of knowing if a iPhone is still under warranty and know its expiration date.

By deduction, given that the warranty is one year, we can deduce the date of commissioning of your iPhone and find out if your iPhone reconditioned or new.

So to know the date of entry into service of your iPhone, you will need to check its warranty status.

To do this, you must retrieve the serial number of your phone and then enter it in a form set up by Apple.

Here are the steps to follow to find the sound serial number iPhone:

  • Go to Settings de l 'iPhone

  • Then select General then Information

  • Then copy the serial number.

Now that you have the serial number of your iPhone, it will be easy for you to know if your warranty is still active.

All you have to do is go to the Apple support page by clicking on this link: Consult the cover.

Then paste the serial number of your iPhone and click validate.

And There you go ! You will have a page informing you of the various valid covers.

This also allows you to know if the device you have acquired has not been stolen.