Find out if you've been hacked with Indexeus

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Not a week goes by without someone telling you on TV or in the electronic newspapers that this or that database has been hacked.

This may not speak to the average Internet user, but in these databases there is an incredible amount of personal data that can be used to steal your identity, trick your friends or hack other accounts.

Indeed, if you are one of the unfortunate people whose information has been hacked and corrupted, the sites / services / forums in question will not necessarily tell you.

So how do you know if one of your accounts has been hacked? Well it’s simple: Indexeus!

The Indexeus database will allow you to search by name or email address whether or not some of your personal data is freely accessible on the Net: IP, password hash, name and sometimes telephone number, address, etc.


Indexeus lists no less than 300 million usernames and passwords. It is free for consultation (provided you are logged in) but the complete consultation of a file is not free and is paid in Bitcoin.