Increase the size of a USB key or memory card

increase usb key size memory card
increase usb key size memory card

Today memory card is used in almost all technologies like smartphones, camera, mp3 player and others. But most of the time it happens that we need more storage space, and we don't want to delete our data.  

If this is your case, don't worry. Here I will show you a simple trick that will help you convert 1GB of memory to 2GB. This tip will allow you to double the storage space of your memory card and also your USB key.

It is possible to convert your 1GB memory card into 2GB using the software SKYMEDI. To do this, start with download software SKYMEDI, it can run with any operating system  (Win XP / Vista / 7 and others).

First, you need to keep a backup copy of all data on the memory card or USB drive, because you need to format them.

After installation, the application launches automatically and displays a window with the options “ To fix "And" Cancel"

From the drop-down menu, browse the memory card and select its location after click on Fix, and click on Yes.


After selecting the memory card or USB key, the application will show you the actual size of the storage device.

After completing the process, the application will ask you to unplug the memory card. Remove it and insert it again. Now the storage capacity of the memory card is increased to 2GB.

If you want to check memory card storage, you can click on My Computer -> Memory card -> Select Properties. You will see that the size of the memory card is 2 GB.


  • This trick only works for memory cards or USB keys having the size of 1 GB.
  • It is possible that the software does not work on some cards or USB key, if it does not work at first, do not try several times so as not to damage your memory card.