Can't uninstall an Android app? Here is how to do it.

uninstall android app
uninstall android app

You may have already been running memory on your phone or tablet probably. This experience can be frustrating as it prevents us from accessing new content and slows down the performance of the phone in question.

You then tried to delete an app you are not using to free up space. This method is simple but often when you install an application, you want to keep it afterwards. The only applications that we would like to remove are system applications, where the uninstall button does not exist.

So here are three methods to earnstorage space on your Android phone.

Disable Android System Apps

It's very simple, but few people use this method. You must first drag the application icon at the top of the screen onto the writing “Application information”. Then it will be necessary to uninstall the updates.

To do this, you will have to answer yes to the question do you want to restore this application to the factory configuration.

Once this application has been reduced to the maximum, you can deactivate it in order to prevent any update of it.

You will then no longer see the app icon in your page with all apps. To reactivate it, simply go to Settings, Applications in the disabled tab then choose the application and reactivate it.

Remove an app in root mode

If you want to remove it completely, many solutions exist such as root of your phone. This can be dangerous because it allows you to download all apps and programs without Android's consent. But root allows you to have full privilege on your phone. You do whatever you want on this one.

Once the phone is rooted, it will suffice to download the app System App Remover which allows you from its interface to choose the applications to delete.

Note that this application specifies next to each application icon whether the proper functioning of your phone requires the application in question. For example, it is highly not recommended to remove the Play Store and its services. Indeed, it allows the full operation of your applications.

Remove an Android app in Safe Mode

Also sometimes you want to uninstall an app but it won't uninstall. It is then advisable to switch to safe mode by long pressing the start / shutdown button and then long pressing the phone's close menu.

Like Windows, Android has a Safe Mode that lets you start your phone cleanly, without loading any of the apps that are normally launched automatically. This will allow you to easily uninstall a malicious application.

To access the malicious application, you will have to go to Settings, Applications. And then tap delete. Then you can return to normal operating mode. To do this, restart your phone normally.

Note that to empty memory, you can also only empty the cache of an application. Removing this cache will revert the application as when you downloaded it, with all updates but without your personal data.