How to have a verified Paypal account in Morocco?

paypal morocco
paypal morocco

Last updated: December 29, 2022

There really is nothing easier! Open a PayPal account in Morocco is a matter of a few minutes. But the task becomes more difficult when we want to remove the limits imposed by Paypal and receive money.

With a verified Moroccan Paypal account you can buy / sell on E-commerce websites, receive money from other Paypal accounts and withdraw your cash at the counter.

Le verified status means that Paypal confirms that you are the owner of the financial information stored in your PayPal account.

You wonder how verify your Moroccan Paypal account ? Here I explain step by step the different steps to create, activate and remove the limits of your Paypal Morocco account.

First of all, how does Paypal work?

To use Paypal, you must transmit various financial details, such as your credit card number ... Subsequently, transactions are carried out without having to communicate financial details, an email address and a password will be sufficient .

How to create a Paypal account in Morocco?

Opening a personal account is a straightforward process that usually doesn't take more than five minutes. Just follow the following steps:

  • Go to the website then click on "open an account" at the top, in the right part of the screen.
  • On the new page that appears, select your account type (personal or professional) and click Continue.

Paypal Morocco Account Creation 1

  • The page reloads. Enter your phone number. Click Continue again.

Telephone Number Paypal Account Morocco 2

  • After entering your phone number, you will receive an SMS on your phone. The SMS contains a 6-digit verification code that you must enter on the Paypal verification screen. Then click on next.
  • Now enter your personal information (name, address, etc.). In the E-mail address and password section, enter the address that will serve as your identifier, as well as a Password of your choice, which must be at least 8 characters long.

Paypal Morocco Information 3

  • Finish by clicking on the Register button at the bottom right.
  • In the new page that appears, you can enter your credit card information if you have it. Otherwise, you can skip this step, by clicking "Go to My Account" at the bottom. You can always enter a bank card later. Do not worry, we will see in the rest of the article, how to get a Moroccan bank card valid by Paypal.

Paypal Morocco Account Creation 5

  • Now pick up your email and open the new message you just received titled "Confirm Your Email Address"! Click on the link to activate your account.
    Confirm Paypal Email
  • A new page appears in your web browser. Enter your Password as requested and click Confirm. A confirmation page is displayed. Click on the Continue button. You are now in the management part of your personal account.

Congratulation! You have just opened your account PayPal.

Get a verified Paypal account in Morocco

Once the account is created, you will need to verify it to increase your limit. Have a Paypal verified allows you to increase your credibility, increase your payment limit and sell on the Internet.

For your Moroccan Paypal to be 100% verified, you must first get an international prepaid card from your bank. For example, SGMB bank offers My ec @ rd, a Moroccan international bank card to pay on the Internet.

To obtain this card, simply contact the SGMB bank branch nearest to you with your CIN.

My ec @ rd
My ec @ rd from SGMB

To obtain it, it is mandatory to create a current bank account with SGMB. I advise you to ask for the delic pack.

Delic bank card

The My E-Card costs: 99dhs / year, the life of the card is 4 years and the fees on each transaction are 2%. You are allowed to spend just 15.000 DH / year.

What can I do with My E-Card?

My e-card will allow you:

  • To make withdrawals.
  • Check your card balance.
  • To verify your Paypal account
  • To recover the money from Paypal on your card and then withdraw it from the SGMB ATM
  • And edit a mini-bank statement.

How to verify my Paypal Morocco account with My E-Card?

After receiving your "my e-card" or other equivalent cards, follow the steps illustrated below:

  • Start by logging into your Paypal account. Then click on "Send payments in minutes"then choose" Register a bank card "

Paypal Morocco Account Creation 6

  • Select visa as the type of your card.
  • Enter the 16 numbers on your card and its expiration date.

Paypal Morocco Account Creation 8

  • Enter the 3-digit visual cryptogram located on the back of your card and click on "continue"

photo copy

  • You receive an email asking you to verify that this card is yours. For this, Paypal will take a small amount (1,5 €) from your account. This direct debit will generate a unique 4-digit code that appears on your bank account statement.
  • Wait 3 days then ask your bank for a statement, to find the Paypal "Expuse Code".
    You can also log in from your mobile banking app and view your account statement. But first, you must request your subscriber code and password from your agency to have access to your online account.


  • Then enter the 4 digit code into your Paypal and it will finally be verified!


How do I get my money back from my Paypal Maroc account?

After receiving payments on your Paypal account, you will of course want to benefit from this money!

With my e-card it is possible. Moreover, this is the biggest advantage of My e-card from SGMB compared to ic @ rd from Banque Populaire du Maroc (Chaabi Bank), BMCE E-Pay, Pay-web from Attijariwafa Bank and E- Shopping from CIH.

Here is how to transfer money from your PayPal Morocco account:

  • Click Transfer Money under your PayPal balance on the left side of the page.
  • Click Transfer to your bank account, then click Continue.
  • Enter the amount to transfer and click Continue.
  • Review your transfer details, then click Transfer $ XX.
  • The amount you entered will be transferred to your Visa card issued in Morocco.
  • To return to your Wallet, click Done.

After the transfer, wait exactly 10 days and then you can go and withdraw your money from an ATM at your bank.


Good Paypal is still quite practical, you can finally get down to business and make your place internationally in the world of E-Commerce, online sales ... and all this thanks to the prepaid cards of Moroccan banks

You can now create your account Paypal Morocco verified and if you have any problems, questions or suggestions regarding Paypal in Morocco, feel free to post them in the comments.

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