How to transfer your data from old iPhone to new iPhone

transfer data new iphone
transfer data new iphone

Have you just bought a new iPhone? Want to transfer data from your old iPhone to the new one? here is how to move all your data from old iPhone quickly and easily.

Since iOS 12.4 version, the process of transferring data to a new iPhone is simplified. Just bring the two devices together.

Transferring content to iPhone

Apple's Quick Start feature makes it much easier to transfer all your data from one iPhone to another. Follow the steps below to transfer data to your new iPhone in no time.

  • First, place the two iPhones next to each other and make sure they are turned on with sufficient battery life.
  • Then click on the button Home of your new iPhone.
  • The quick start popup appears on the old iPhone.
  • Press Continue. If the Continue option does not appear on your current device, make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Now use your old iPhone's camera to scan animation that appears on your new iPhone.
  • Then enter old iPhone security code on the new one.
  • To push on To transfer taking care to connect the two devices (and with Bluetooth and wifi activated).

When the data transfer begins, you will see a progress bar on both iPhones. Keep them close to each other and connected to Wi-Fi for the duration of the transfer.

If the battery is low on either iPhone, you need to plug it in to charge it so that it doesn't die in the process.

Finally, the transfer time varies depending on your Wi-Fi speed and the amount of data to be transferred. But generally the average transfer time is 30 minutes.