How to stop having ads on iPhone games?

ads iphone games block
ads iphone games block

Last updated: January 1, 2023

Nothing more annoying than pop-up advertisements on our mobiles. Are you tired of popping up pop-up ads when you play on your iphone ?

Here I give you a trick to no longer advertise your iPhone games. You will finally be able to enjoy your favorite applications again in peace!

How to remove ads from iPhone games?

This trick works on all versions of iOS for temporarily disable these ads. However, for this to work, the game be usable without Internet connection.

Since almost all mobile ads are loaded from the Internet, your phone must be linked to the Internet to display the ads.

The trick is to simply put the phone in airplane mode to remove ads in your mobile games.

When you do this, most of the banner ads disappear and the video ads never load. You might still notice a placeholder for the placement of the ads, but that's minor.

Of course, it will only work if the game is playable in offline mode. Many popular games require an internet connection to run, so this tip won't help you. But if you like offline mobile games like puzzles or platform games, this is a great tip.

As a bonus, this will consume less autonomy. Your iPhone won't spend as much power on network services, and it won't have to use the internet to charge and display ads.