How to secure your Facebook account?

facebook protect
facebook protect

Last updated: October 20, 2022

It is easier and easier today to see his Facebook account hacked. It is simply because
many people don't bother to use good tips for securing their Facebook account. So that’s the purpose of this article.

At the end you will be able to protect your facebook account prying eyes. So try to understand the smallest detail of the article and your Facebook account will now be safe.

Tips: how to secure your Facebook account?

A strong or robust password

The first precaution to take is first the password. People often appear to
make their password more complex. Yet this is the right thing to do. Avoid choosing
easy to crack passwords. Besides, you better change it constantly. This is the best way
to be more assured.

Improve the configuration of your Facebook account

Also think about secure your Facebook account at the configuration level. Take the trouble to
restrict access to your account.

Also remember to add a recovery email address. This can be very useful if you can't remember your login details. Especially if you have a complicated password to remember. For it:

  • So go to parameter
  • once you are in your Facebook account, go to General, Contact
  • Click on edit.
  • You will therefore be asked to add an email address. Don't forget to add the one you use
    constantly !
  • You can then save your changes.

Activate the connection alerts to your Facebook account

Also update your Alerts and Notifications settings. It is at this level that you will be able to
easily be alerted when another device tries to log into your account.

You can find them in the Security tab. Then go to Edit, so you will see Connection Alerts. It will be up to you to check the two alert options offered. Like the previous option, save the changes.

Modify privacy settings

Also remember to configure the confidentiality of your Facebook account. This is where you will be able to control everyone who can access your posts and manage the security of your personal data.

Above all, avoid sharing your content to everyone. It's here best entry door for hackers. Do not allow your personal data to be traceable. You must block this option.

Prevent third-party applications from using your data

On Facebook, third-party applications may collect your data. These are web applications or applications to which we connect via Facebook: a test, a game, Instagram or Tinder, for example. This is how the subcontractor of Cambridge Analytica recovered the data at the heart of the scandal of recent days.

It is possible to limit the computers to which these applications have access in the “Settings” menu of Facebook, then “Applications”.

You can then remove from the list of applications linked to your profile all those you wish to see disappear, by clicking on the small gray cross.

Finally, it will also be up to you to be very vigilant. A hacked account can screw your whole life up. So be careful! You will also need to take enough care when visiting online gambling sites such as, these are also means popular with hackers. So protect your privacy!