How to save your Gmail emails on a USB key?

backup gmail email usb drive
backup gmail email usb drive

Are you afraid of losing your emails? Your email box contains too important information (banking information, usernames, photos and passwords) and you seek a solution for them. save to a USB stick ?

You may have tried to transfer a single message to a USB stick. For this you should copy the message to Notepad, then save it in TXT format. However, to forward mass emails, it was rather very hard because it takes you too much time.

What you really need is save your emails on a USB key without spending an eternity in front of your computer.

Here I will give you a super simple and quick solution to fill recover all your Gmail emails. With this method you will be able to access your messages offline from any computer.

The solution is to use a Google feature that allows you to "Download all your data".

It's no secret that Google keeps a lot of information about you. It keeps very confidential details in its servers, such as your search history, videos you have watched or private emails.

Save your Gmail emails on a USB key

To export and download your Gmail emails, so we will use the native Google backup tool. The latter will compress all your messages into a zip file so that it is easy to download.

Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Launch your web browser on your computer
  • Go to the page Download your data.
  • Log in with your Gmail account credentials
  • Here you will find all your data saved on Google servers. Scroll down the page, check the box messaging And click next step.
    Google Takeout interface
  • Now choose the type of backup format ((by default Google offers the Zip compression format) and the size.
  • Click on Create an export to finalize the backup of your emails

When the export is complete, Google will send you an email with the link to download the full backup of your messages to your computer.

Finally, all you have to do is open the Google email then right-click on the link then select the Save link as option to retrieve the export.