How can your Instagram account be hacked?

hack instagram account
hack instagram account

Last updated: April 25, 2024

Many of our subscribers wonder how can instagram account get hacked.

In this article, we will see together how a hacker can successfully take control of an Instagram account. For this you will need to install Kali Linux, a Linux system, which is popular for auditing information systems.

If you don't know how to install Kali on your machine Windows, just look at this article: how to install kali linux on Windows.

Explanation: hack an Instagram account

Be aware that software Instagram hacking direct does not exist. In no case will there be a miracle that will make you hack a person. It's true, the IT security does not exist, but for really hack an Instagram account, you have to be patient and intelligent.

Here we will see a method that uses a hacker to take control of an Instagram account without phone access. This method is calledbrute force attack. The principle of the attack consists of trying to find the password of a Instagram account by testing all possible combinations of characters until the password is discovered.

Note that in order to succeed in this attack, three factors must be taken into account:

  • The computing power of your machine.
  • The complexity of the password.
  • The words that contains the dictionary of the software used.

So if the password you are looking for is more than 8 or 9 characters in total and contains special characters and numbers… it may not be possible to find it with your PC.

4 Steps to Hack Instagram Account

Note: This article is for educational and preventative purposes only. Learn the attack to better protect yourself. Piracy is illegal and unethical. You are solely responsible for your actions, and no liability on the part of the instructor will be incurred for the misuse of the content taught.

Program Download

To hack Instagram account, you must first obtain the program that allows to carry out brute force attacks.

To do this, open the terminal on Kali Linux and simply type:

git clone
This command will clone the program to your computer.
Then you need to change Instagram folder rights with chmod. So type:
chmod -R 755 Instagram && cd Instagram

Running the program

Now that you have downloaded the program. Type: “ls” to see what's in the folder.

Well, we have three files in the folder: “Core”, “” and “”.

The file that interests us here is “”. Run this script by typing:


Oh no ! Looks like there are mistakes! But why ?

Simply because I haven't yet added the txt file containing a series of potential passwords.

Remember this is a brute force attack. For find a password, the script must test a series of potential passwords, one after the other, hoping that the password used by the instagram account is contained in the dictionary. If not, the attack will fail.

Get a list of potential passwords

If you just want to test this program, you can create your own word list. But if you are trying to get your spouse's Instagram account password then you need to download a real list.

To do this, go to the browser and search in Google “daniel miessler passwords github”. Then click on the first result of Google searches.

Now you will be in the GitHub site. Click on Passwords.

Choose a txt file. I chose the list of 10 million passwords. The bigger the better, because you have a better chance of succeeding.

Finally, download and save the text file in the Instagram folder. Now we can start the Instagram hack test with ease.

Run again...

Let's do what we've done before: open the Kali Linux terminal and type:

cd instagram

Then launch the attack with the following command:

python Instagram username password_list.txt

The brute force attack will begin. On the terminal you will see the attempts and the password that the script is currently attempting.

Wait a while, you will have the progress as the script progresses through the procedure.

If the script finds the password, it will be clearly displayed. All you have to do is enter it in the Instagram login page.