How to create a mockup online without using Photoshop?

How to create an online mockup without using Photoshop
How to create an online mockup without using Photoshop

Dernière mise à jour: 25 mai 2024

Mockups serve as tools to present a project. It can be the presentation of a software, an application or a site. The mockup acts as a model, and allows you to have a vision of what the project will look like once it is finished.

To do this, Photoshop is one of the tools most often used for creation of mockups. But it is not within the reach of everyone, especially in its use.

Discover 6 Best Alternatives to Photoshop to Create a Mockup Online.


Canva is an online site that provides its users with the means to create visuals for various projects. Thanks to this tool, you can practice graphic design with more ease than in Photoshop.

By its simplicity and ease of use, this tool is more accessible and more malleable.

To create a mockup on Canva, you have a collection of pre-made templates available on the site. After choosing a template, upload to the site the mockup and the image you have decided to put inside.

You have to drag the image with the cursor to install it on the mockup as you want.

Once done, go to Grids, and select the grid that will go best with your design. When you have chosen the grid, drag it to fit your content. You can resize it so that it sits on top of the mockup seamlessly.

In this way, you can create a mockup online, using Canva's templates.


Among the most used sites for the creation of mockups, there are Mockup. This is a site that allowsEasily build mockups in multiple categories.

On this site you will have at your disposal more than 700 mockups, moreover completely free. The visuals are of excellent quality, which guarantees you an almost professional rendering.

The visuals range from PC, Mac, smartphone or even tablet. Mockuper is a complete tool, which allows beginners to exercise without too much risk.

You just have to upload your image and install it in the area you want to appear. You can even proceed via a link, a web address, which you will have copied and pasted on the mockup.

Once done, you can upload your mockup after tightening on the web address.

smart mockups

Intended for professionals or freelancers, smart mockups is an online tool for creating quality mockups. The site catalog provides users with no less than 11000 models. You can also import your personal images if you prefer.

There are many advantages to turning to Smartmockups to develop your mockups. First, theexport is high quality, which is a plus for the result of your model.

One of the advantages is that you can download multiple formats. Images can be imported as well PNG than in JPG. You can also connect to applications such as Dropbox, Figma or Canva.
Customization, especially of the background, is another strong point of the site. It offers a choice on the color of objects or a possibility to crop your image.

The free version of Smartmockups offers average quality images and integrations. But the professional version gives access to all the tools of the site, and especially to unlimited exports and visuals in HD.


Techsini is a site that aims to facilitate the use of online tools. It is also possible, on this platform, tolearn how to create a website without having to code.

When you are on Techsini, it is possible to create mockups on different mediums. It is a site whose use is simplified, and which makes it possible to make a mixture of the supports which you will have chosen. It is therefore not necessary on Techsini to choose between a smartphone or a computer, for example. This is an undeniable asset of this site: the multi-media option.

Techsini allows you to personalize your visual by offering you a large choice of colors.

To generate a mockup, you can simply insert the url address of your website in the referenced area for this and click on “generate mockup”. But you can also go through a configured url address.

With Techsini, you can change the perspective of your mockup. However, there is a small drawback to using this site. If you want to use a screenshot, unfortunately you will need to install an extension. It is FireShot, a simple extension within everyone's reach in terms of use. is a platform on which you have free online access to mockup images. You just have to select from the hundreds of images available the one that suits you. These are good quality visuals that are available to you.

All you have to do is use your image or screenshot to insert it into the mockup.

Although remains a rather classic site, it is nonetheless very useful and effective. It allows the use of several different scenes, which gives you a great choice. And all this you can do completely free of charge.

Unfortunately, on this platform you cannot use a url address as is possible on other mockup generator sites.

that's how create a mockup online without having to use Photoshop.


The online editor mockupeditor is a tool of choice for creating mockups. You have the choice not only of the decor, the support of the presentation, but also of the wall. All this allows you to obtain, in the end, an original and unique mockup.

Select the template you like from the menu, then upload your designs to the green areas. You can also work on the image you have inserted, in particular by cropping it, but without being able to zoom it.

Thanks to objects present in the site, you will be able to complete the work environment, with elements such as green plants for example. Once you have finished your composition, why not add a text; you can easily download your mockup.

Mockupeditor is a good way to create a mockup when you are not used to Photoshopbecause it is very easy to use.