How to know if your iPhone is hacked?

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Last updated: July 4, 2024

Hackers are increasingly interested in iPhones whose use continues to grow. Certainly Apple products are more difficult to hack, but that does not mean that they are infallible.

Apple smartphones have experienced serious security breaches in the past spotted in iMessage, and Safari, the default built-in web browser. The iPhones are therefore the target of many hackers that attempt to infect devices with their viruses, malware, adware and ransomware in an attempt to steal your information.

Here 4 signs to know if your iPhone is hacked. These clues put you in the ears and allow you to act quickly if you are touched.

An unknown application appears on the screeniPhone

If you notice any apps that you don't have installed on your iPhone, uninstall them.

There are legitimate applications that will give themselves the right to install another malicious application on your mobile. The first does not contain malicious content. Its goal is to go under Apple's radar. But it hides a function that allows it to install, via the web, the second application which it will contain the malicious content.

So, be careful if you see an app that you have never installed before.

Abnormally high Internet consumption

Some virus iPhone increase Internet data consumption. These will force your mobile to download large files or send messages.

To check your internet consumption iPhone, go to Settings> cellular data>  et find apps using excessive amount of data. If an app is using a lot more data than necessary, then know that you are infected.

Screenshot showing the internet consumption of each application on iPhone

Battery iPhone empties abnormally quickly

La battery of your iPhone empties quickly? You don't necessarily have to be afraid, since it could be a legitimate application that is consuming your battery or it could be a defect in the latter.

Nevertheless if the battery discharges abnormally quickly, it deserves a little check. 

Open Settings and go to Battery, then browse the list for unusual information. If an app consumes too much of your battery (60-70%), you are faced with a malicious app that tries to hide its identity.
screenshot showing battery consumption per app on iPhone

Your iPhone is bombarded with advertising

Ah the adwares! These famous malicious scripts that bombard our mobile with advertising.

Although very annoying, the pop-up is the most visible sign of a possible act of piracy. It's loud, flashes, vibrates your iPhone...and the Back button has no effect on it.

If you have advertising windows that appear on the screen of your iPhone, then you are unfortunately hacked.

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