Detekt: find out if you are under cyber surveillance

how to know if you are under cyber surveillance
how to know if you are under cyber surveillance

Last updated: December 12, 2022

If you are concerned about your privacy on the internet, and your confidentiality? Then you probably want to know if you are under surveillance. In that case allow me to introduce Detekt.

Detekt is a free tool that lets you know if a Windows computer is under surveillance. It scans your computer for traces of known spyware. Indeed, the latter are used by some governments to target human rights defenders and journalists around the world.

This is portable software, a simple executable, which will scan your computer for spyware. It can detect exactly eight spyware:

  • DarkComet RAT.
  • XtremeRAT.
  • BlackShades RAT.
  • njRAT.
  • FinFisher FinSpy.
  • HackingTeam RCS.
  • ShadowTech RAT
  • Gh0st RAT.

How does it works?

All these malwares belong to the “Remote Access Trojans” (RAT) category, that is to say, they provide remote access to the resources of the PC they infect. They are able to read emails,listen to conversations in audio or videoconference or even remotely turn on your webcam and microphone.

To use Detekt, just download and run it on your computer. However, it requires being disconnected from the Internet and having administrator rights.

Then, once launched, Detekt will scan the memory of your PC to find traces of possible malware, without however removing them. After the scan, Detekt will tell you if someone is spying on you through your computer, via spyware.


Finally, if Detekt finds that you are infected, then you should stop everything and proceed to clean up and secure your computer.

On the other hand, if it does not find anything, that does not mean that your PC is clean. There may be existing versions of spyware which are not detected by this tool.

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