How to keep the quality of the media sent on WhatsApp?

whatsapp media quality
whatsapp media quality

Dernière mise à jour: 16 mai 2024

In recent years, an application has become enormously popular, WhatsApp. Indeed, this application has plenty of uses, especially if you like make calls and messages abroad without having to pay a hefty bill at the end of the month.

The problem is, if you've used WhatsApp before, you know that there is something rather restrictive in its daily use. Indeed, the application handles sending and receiving media quite poorly whether they are photos or videos.

When you receive them, the quality is clearly not there and it can quickly become frustrating. So, in this article, we will explain to you why this quality is not there.

Then in a second step, we will be interested in how to stop having such low quality media and delving into more detail into the application settings.

The quality of images on WhatsApp

As we have just said, if you use WhatsApp, you have surely realized that the media quality is often quite bad and this has surely asked you a question.

To understand where it comes from, you have to see how does whatsapp work. Indeed, under its air of quite classic messaging, the application actually uses the internet to send and receive data.

The system, it is the same as Messenger for example and it is also because of this that the quality of the media often suffers. Indeed, not everyone has an unlimited internet plan.

However, load quality images, it consumes bandwidth and the goal of WhatsApp is not to drain your internet package in thirty seconds. Therefore, by default the media quality setting is quite low.

Send photos or videos without losing quality

Now that you understand where the low quality media you receive on WhatsApp comes from, know that it is entirely possible to change this.

In this second part, we will also see how to make sure you are on a phone running iOS or Android.

Keep the quality of photos and videos on WhatsApp for iPhone

Let's start by looking in more detail at how to change media quality that you will receive if you ever use the application WhatsApp from a iPhone.

The first thing to do is to go to the main menu.

Once it is done, click on the small cogwheel which is at the bottom right of your screen and which will bring you to the Settings.

There you will have a whole bunch of menus at your disposal and you will have to click on “ Storage and data"

Once this is done, you are almost there, and you will find the submenu “ Media quality and loadings"

This is where you will have to click to modify the quality of media received.

You will then have three options:

  • The first is the basic car you have.
  • La second, it is the one who will bet on the quality of the images.
  • Finally, the last mode is an economy mode which will give images of even lower quality, but consume little bandwidth.

In summary, you must:

  • First, click on the toothed wheel.
  • Then click on Storage and data.
  • Now click on Media quality and loadings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Finally, choose the option that suits you.

Send photos without quality loss on WhatsApp for Android

If you are on Android, the maneuver is completely similar, even if there are some differences. The first step is to go to the WhatsApp menu and click on the three small dots which are located at the top left to access the Settings.

Once you are in these settings, you will see this famous menu appear “ Storage and data ». Click on it and this time you will have a submenu called “ Photo quality and loading ».

You will then just have to click on this menu and you will have the same three options as on iPhone namely, auto mode, economy mode and the mode which will favor the quality of the photos received.

In summary, you must:

  • First, click on the three small dots then menu.
  • Then click on Storage and data.
  • Now click on Quality and uploads of photos.
  • Finally, choose the option that suits you.