How to keep a good download ratio on t411?

how to keep a good download ratio on t411
how to keep a good download ratio on t411

Most Internet users fond of downloading French-speaking content in P2P know, at least by name, the Quebec sharing site torrent411, or t411. This site, often presented as the first of its category in the French-speaking world, imposes two constraints, the creation of a user account and the famous ratio rule.

This last rule is important to understand in order to be able to effectively use the services of t411. In summary, the amount of data uploaded to the site must reach at least 75% (i.e. a ratio of 0.75) of the amount of data uploaded. In other words, if you download 1Gb via this tracker, you will have to “offer” 750Mb of data in return. If you get below 0,75, your downloads will be blocked.

How do you manage to maintain a high ration and use the t411 service on a long-term basis?

The first rule put forward by the site is to simply leave your downloads in "seed" in other words not to remove the file from your torrent client after getting it. The ratio rule is presented by t411 as the only way to keep your torrents with a sufficient number of contributors and to avoid having dormant torrents with no seeds.

However, this necessary condition is often not sufficient, especially if you are downloading large games of several tens of gigabytes. It is therefore advisable to upload large files yourself. The procedure to perform this action is simple but rather long, because the site administrators ask for a detailed description of the file being uploaded. In addition, the community will decide by vote if the added torrent is of good quality. But it is thanks to this type of effort that the community can function!

Another important information to remember, it is preferable to "seeder" highly sought after files to have a chance to increase your upload rate. This means that it is relevant to download torrents that are not necessarily of great interest to you (this includes adult content!) to allow you to have more data sent. The more recent the content, the more likely it is to interest Internet users. So if you think a file will be requested, download it, even if you don't plan to use it.

If your ratio is already below 0.75, you can re-feed files uploaded to t411. To do this, you must not have modified their name or their location. All you have to do is relaunch the .torrent file in your client to make it an upload source again.

Last solution: Make a donation! The site has significant running costs and gladly accepts your euros! In return, you will be "entitled" to additional gigabytes of data for your downloads. It's fair game!