How to have a fast site at the best cost?

How to have a fast site at the best cost
How to have a fast site at the best cost

If you think that the few seconds to wait for the page of a site to load have no consequences on the behavior of Internet users, then you are wrong.

Visitors hate waiting in front of their screen, a page must load immediately or risk seeing its rebound rate or even multiply shopping cart abandonment, in short, a disaster for the owner of a site.

Another sword of Damocles over the heads of the owners of a site or a blog, the repeated warnings from Google which indicate that the loading time of a site is one of the essential elements for SEO, so a piece of advice, don't annoy the Google robots!

Why a site that loads quickly?

The effectiveness

The customer experience must be optimal and for this your site must be able to respond very quickly. A fluid site has only advantages, it will allow you to monopolize attention and guide Internet users on a journey where they will stay focused and engaged.

When a page takes a few seconds to load, the result is immediate, and these are more than half of visitors who go elsewhere. The consequences are then inevitable with abandoned baskets and an exploding rebound rate.

A site that loads quickly will completely satisfy the google requirements, but a site that takes several seconds to load will be banned from search pages and will finish in the abyss of the classification.

Sites on mobile pages

It is common to hear that navigation is easier and faster on mobile and let's not forget the very important share that mobile has taken on internet traffic.

It is very important tocontinuously improve loading speed and more particularly by hiding content that is not essential.

According to Google's recommendations, it is necessary to prioritize content publishing order and more especially this famous waterline (the one that separates the visible content from the invisible).

Let's see together the settings to be made to improve mobile browsing performance:

Google Discover

Google Discover can bring you a lot, it is a powerful solution to reach your targets extremely quickly, but in this case, a fast site is essential and it will be necessary to do:

A fast website at a lower cost

Home optimization

Here are some easy to implement tips to optimize the speed of your site.

  • Limit the size of its resources.
  • Images must be reduced and compressed.
  • The files must be compressed with the Gzip tool.
  • Specify the weight and size of the files.
  • Files must be cached.
  • Lighten the servers for more speed.
  • CSS files must be embedded in the Head tag.
  • Opt for JavaScript.
  • Exchange @imports with links.

Some tools to boost loading time

Contact an SEO agency

Admittedly, this has a cost, but it is most certainly the best solution to optimize the response time of your site.

Agencies master the processes and tools, after a thorough check, the necessary modifications and additions will be carried out so that your site is finally up to standard.

Nevertheless, if your budget is limited, it is not certain that this alternative can be retained.

Call a professional service

Finding a financially affordable website is not a real problem on the web, a site made by professionals who will offer you everything you are entitled to expect. (speed, design, compatible mobile, etc.).

It is important to remain vigilant, indeed the services offered may vary completely. Upstream work is essential to take the time to properly compare offers before making a decision, do not hesitate to consult the reviews on the web, you will get an idea of ​​the quality of the provider very quickly.

It is reasonable to think thata budget of 500€ may be enough to find possibilities with WordPress and even with plugins oriented site or blog loading speed.


Everything is clear I think, a fast site is essential because the stakes are high in terms of turnover and e-reputation.

It is important to throw a look at the statistics regularly in order to detect possible page loading problems and for this, rely on the results linked to bounce rates and shopping cart abandonments, two factors which always confirm that a site is much too slow.