How to find hidden cameras using your phone?

How to find hidden cameras using your phone
How to find hidden cameras using your phone

Dernière mise à jour: 23 mai 2024

You've probably seen films like James Bond where every time he arrives in a new place, like a hotel, he takes care to check to see if there are cameras there.

You then say to yourself that this is science fiction. However, unfortunately some recent cases have broken out and caused cold sweats. These cases involve completely illegal espionage.

So, as they say, prevention is better than cure. In this article, we will teach you how to detect spy cameras using your phone. In addition, all this will be completely free and within everyone's reach.

The Usefulness of Finding Hidden Cameras Using Your Phone

As we have just told you, finding hidden cameras with your phone is not useless. For example, we had some news items that made the headlines. This is the case in Airbnb accommodations for example.

This threat is therefore very real and perhaps you have already been filmed without your knowledge. Inevitably, this does not make you feel confident and we understand that. Luckily for you, there is a very easy way to check.

If you know how to search you will only need your phone. Whether via functions already present or applications, it can be a valuable weapon. So let's see how you can go about it find hidden cameras using your phone.

Find hidden cameras via phone flash

The first thing to know is that you don't need an app to find cameras using your phone. Indeed, for the most part you only need the camera of this one.

The first thing to do is to go into total darkness, start the camera and put on the flash. From there, look for any objects where a camera might be located. Generally, they will be found at the entrance, near the bed or in the bathroom.

Due to its optical properties, a camera lens is highly reflective, and should flicker when passing light such as a phone flash. Impossible to miss when you walk past. This is the first way to detect hidden cameras using your phone.

Look for devices connected to the Wifi network

Finding hidden cameras with your phone via flash is the easiest, but also the most effective way to find the majority of cameras. But sometimes people will hide these cameras.

They will do this behind surfaces such as one-way glass, for example. Or simply, you may have missed it. However, these cameras often broadcast the content that they are going to film live.

Except that it requires a Wifi connection and most are even visible when you search for devices to connect to WiFi.

Do not hesitate to take a look in your settings to see if a suspicious device with an evocative name is not there. To do this, install an application that allows you to find out the list of devices connected to a particular WiFi network.

Among these network scanners are:

Note that this does not work every time. If there is for example a dedicated application, you will not be able to have the cameras this way. On the other hand, disconnecting the internet could be a way of preventing them from broadcasting.

But again, these cameras will still be able to work. One could imagine that they are on another internet source. These cameras can also simply remember what they film.

Use a third-party app

The last thing you can do to find a hidden camera with a cell phone is to use a third-party application. These applications, they will find the electromagnetic fields and let you know.

There are a multitude of them, some of which are free and others paid, but the operation remains similar. You use your phone to find hidden cameras and wander around the room.

Once an electromagnetic field is detected, your phone notifies you. Be careful though, you have to pass close enough for it to work. Above all, it must also be done in an applied manner and not too quickly.

Find a hidden camera with a phone Android

Several applications are available to discover hidden surveillance cameras on Android.

Find a hidden camera with an iPhone or iPad

Need a hidden camera app for your iPhone?

These spy camera detection apps for iPhone are all affordable and easy to use. If you're not sure, though, start with a free app.

Finally, note that it is possible that the application detects other fields. Indeed, for example, a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Home will make the application react. In short, it is not yet infallible.


What we advise you to succeed in finding hidden cameras using your phone is to simply do a mixture of the three techniques. Start by taking a general tour.

Then pass your camera where you have doubts. Unplug all these devices and then check that no suspicious devices appear on the Wifi network. Once all of this is done, take one last lap with the app.