How to extract the audio track from a video on MAC OS?

How to extract audio track from video on MAC OS
How to extract audio track from video on MAC OS

IT is an extraordinary environment. Indeed, it is possible to do so many things. If you are here, it is for example that you want to extract the audio track from a video on MAC OS.

However, although the possibilities in terms of IT are enormous, they still need to be mastered. This is often where the problem lies. But that's okay, it's never too late to start learning.

That's good, because that's exactly what we suggest you do in this article! Indeed, we are going to see together the different methods to extract the audio track from a video that are available to you.

Why extract the audio track from a video?

The first question people might ask is why would you want to extract the audio track from a video? Well, there are several reasons for this that we will try to summarize for you here.

One of the main reasons is the podcast. Today, the mode of consumption has changed and while video still holds a good place, podcasts are growing. The advantage of these podcasts is that you can listen to them almost anywhere.

It only asks you to listen and it is therefore easier, in transport, in the background at work and in a whole host of other circumstances. Except that for that, you have to extract audio track from video. If it is if you are here, it is that you also want to launch this kind of content.

Extract audio track from YouTube

If so, we have a technique that should work for you. Indeed, today, YouTube has become a global web giant. It is one of the most visited sites in the world and content is added every day.

It is therefore one of the preferred sources from which you will want to extract an audio track using your Mac. The good news is that this is surely one of the easiest methods that we will present to you.

Indeed, many sites offer to extract an audio track from a video YouTube in a few seconds. The most used is To use it, all you have to do is copy/paste the video link and start the conversion.

The site then does the work on its own and you only have to wait a few seconds. You then just have to download the audio track of the video and be able to enjoy it. But not all videos can be found on YouTube.

Use an online converter to extract audio track

You have a video on your Mac computer and you want to extract the audio track without necessarily putting the video on YouTube. Well, it's obviously possible. The simplest answer for this is a converter.

You have software or you can do it directly on the net via the web application The idea is going to be to transform your file which is in MP4, a video format, into MP3, an audio format. So you just remove the images.

In itself, it's not really extracting the audio track, but rather removing the video track. However, the result remains the same. In addition, this method is simple and very effective, so we strongly recommend it!

Export the audio track of a video via QuickTime Player

Finally, be aware that it is also possible toextract the audio track from a video from the QuickTime Player software. This software is the one that opens the videos of your MAC OS so you can see them.

You can export a video to save a copy as an audio file format. To do this, follow these steps:

  • In the QuickTime Player app on your Mac, go to the File tab and choose Export as.
  • Now choose the option Audio only in the Export menu.

  • Enter a name for your exported file and choose a destination.
  • Click on Save.

By choosing Audio only, you will be able to extract the audio track from your video in seconds. You will thus keep a video version of your file and a version which contains only the audio.

That's it, you now know how to extract the audio track from a video on your MAC OS. As you have just seen, these manipulations are extremely simple to perform.

In addition, the big advantage is that they will only take you a few seconds. So if you have multiple tracks to rip, it won't take that long. As for the choice of methods, you are free. All these methods are quite simple to use and above all fast. From then on, it will be a question of feeling on your side.