How to erase GPS data from your photos?

how to erase gps data from your photos
how to erase gps data from your photos

We remember very well the Anonymous hacker who was spotted by the FBI thanks to a photo. He has indeed revealed his place of residence to the FBI by posting a simple photo on a forum.

Even hidden behind his proxy and having taken all the precautions, the FBI came back to it thanks to the metadata integrated into the photo EXIF ​​tags taken with an iPhone. If he had used Geotag Security, the latter would still be quietly at home and not in prison.

Without being a hacker, Geotag Security can still be used to protect your privacy. Indeed, between social networks and forums, how often do you post photos from a mobile phone incorporating a GPS module?

Imagine taking a photo of a barbecue at your house and in the following post telling anyone who wants to hear it that you will be on vacation next week. A burglar will be able to know where you live to quietly come and rob you while you are not there! The most deceitful is that rare are the devices which will warn you of the addition of the GPS coordinates in the photo.

Clear GPS data from your photos

Step 1:

First of all, download the GeoTagSecurity software. After installation, launch the software and find the directory with the photos you want to share on the Internet by clicking on the Browse button ... Attention, once the GPS tags are removed, you will not be able to go back! All the other tags present in your shots will remain intact: time, date, information on the shot, etc.

Step 2:

That's all ! Click on Start and let the software do it. It will show you a detailed report of the operations it has performed: number of photos analyzed, tags detected and removed. Do Next to obtain a log, then Next again to obtain resident protection on the folder you have just analyzed.

However, there are other Exif data editing programs such as EXIFManager, FileMind QuickFix, or Geosetter.