Encrypt your iPhone or Android mobile

encrypt iphone android
encrypt iphone android

Le encryption of your iPhone or mobile Android is the rule of thumb when it comes to protect your data as little as possible. The implementation of encryption is essential to ensure the data security sensitive.

Why encrypt your Android phone or iPhone?

Le encryption is a very effective way to protect your phone data by making it inaccessible. When the data is encrypted, it turns into a seemingly random collection of characters, unless of course you have the decryption key!

The possibility of encrypt all data of your phone is usually built into its operating system, which means there is no valid excuse for not protecting all of the content on your smartphone.

Our smartphones contain our personal photos, our private messages, our Facebook account, our emails and sometimes even our health information. It would be devastating for this data to fall into the wrong hands. Using a security code is good, but encrypting your mobile is better. 

How to encrypt an iPhone?

You may not know it, but Apple introduced the encryption iPhone default with iOS 8. This means that all it takes is a security code or a fingerprint to activate it. A four-digit base code is sufficient, but for better protection it is recommended to use a longer code or password.

  • Head to Settings
  • Select Touch ID and code

  • Click the option Use Touch ID to unlock iPhone

  • Enter a password and your fingerprint

How to encrypt an Android phone?

The majority of new devices that ship with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, such as the Galaxy S7, are also encrypted by default. All you need to do is add a security code or fingerprint to activate it.

  • Head to Parameters
  • Select Lock Screen
  • Finally, choose and create an unlock mode to activate your phone's encryption.

There you have it, your Android and iOS phone data is now secure. To add another layer of security, regularly back up your phone and update your system and apps.