How do I turn off ads from YouTube videos?

remove youtube flat design ads
remove youtube flat design ads

Almost in order to watch any video on YouTube, you have to wait at least 5 seconds and watch an advertisement first before getting to the point.

There are those who pay for the distribution of these videos, this means that from now on you are condemned forever to eat all of these Ads before each video playback. Fortunately, there is theSPOI Options extension for Google chrome.

This extension will allow you to bypass and disable ads from YouTube videos. It is likely to very quickly become a must for all those who consume a lot of video on the Youtube platform.
Once installed, go to the Video section of the extension's settings. There, just check the box "Block video ads".


The "SPOI Options" extension contains other rather interesting settings. For example, you can define the default quality with which you will view your videos, as well as the size of the video. Other options are available but there is no doubt that the main function of this extension is disable ads from YouTube videos.
Finally, you should know that it is also possible to activate the extension options for Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafé, Hulu and many other sites.