How to delete all your likes on Facebook?

i like facebook
i like facebook

Even today, Facebook is a social network that is very popular. Indeed, we note that in recent years, social networks have exploded and that sometimes Facebook is an ancestor.

However, it remains one of the most visited networks in the world despite fierce competition. But above all, it is a network that is now quite old and some have had accounts there for more than ten years.

So inevitably, in ten years, tastes have changed and sometimes there are pages that we liked in the past and that we simply want to delete, because that no longer interests us at all today.

We also sometimes have pages that appear and we wonder why, because we have absolutely no memory of having followed them. At any rate, in this article, we will help you sort through your mentions i like facebook.

Indeed, we will see everything you need to know about it, how to sort, but also how to be able to quickly delete the pages that no longer interest you at all without it taking hours.

Why do I have Facebook pages that don't interest me?

You have surely already noticed while browsing Facebook that you sometimes have pages that appear as liked, when this is not the case at all and there can be several explanations for this.

One of these explanations is simply thatthere is a market for buying and selling Facebook accounts to be able to directly have a page with a certain number of subscribers.

It is then quite possible that what you have in front of you either a page that has been sold and we will see later in the article how to see it easily with the tools available on Facebook.

The second option is that you clicked on a Facebook subscription button without realizing it. For a while, it was indeed fashionable to hide subscription buttons on certain pages to artificially inflate the number of subscribers.

Hide Suggested Facebook Pages

The second issue you may have is with Facebook Suggested Pages which are supposed to be inspired by the content you are viewing. They show up on your News Feed and it can be annoying.

When you see one, click on the three small dots at the top right of the image. Once this is done, you will then have the option to hide this content and those similar to it. To do this, click on Hide post.

You can also decide to permanently hide the page or to do so temporarily. It's quite tedious to do sometimes, but there is currently no solution to remove everything at once.

Find Liked Pages via Facebook

On the other hand, there is a solution to allow you to quickly find the list of pages that you like on your Facebook account. To do this, click on Page on the left of your screen if you are on a computer or via the menu on a phone. You can also access the pages you liked via this link.

Once done, you will have the list of pages you like which will appear as a list with the name and a small thumbnail. If you want to unsubscribe, hover over the name.

You will then see a small window open that gives you more details about the page.

You will also have the option of simply click on the unsubscribe button on this page to permanently unsubscribe.

See pages with recent changes and sort

As we have just said, there are pages that are selling and which will therefore be modified and precisely on the menu of Facebook pages, you will be able to see all those that have undergone recent modifications.

Indeed, at the very top of your screen, you are first offered the pages that have recently changed names. Be careful, this does not necessarily mean that these pages have been sold, but it allows you to quickly see if this is the case.

Then, which can also help you to sort, it is in the continuation of the screen, at the level of "all the pages you like". You have a sorting option that appears and which allows you, for example, to put the old pages first.

This can therefore be particularly useful if you ever wish to sort through the old pages which no longer suit you or which are simply no longer active today.