How to create an attractive LinkedIn profile?

How to create an attractive LinkedIn profile 1
How to create an attractive LinkedIn profile 1

LinkedIn is a 100% professional social network which is growing a little bigger every day, it's a real gem for business, a huge revolution in the world of work and the opportunities available to you on the platform are just insane!

Whether you want to publicize your company or simply your talents, LinkedIn has become essential and it's time to join the social network.

Your main showcase on LinkedIn is going to be your profile, This is therefore the very first step to be pampered and cared for, so is the rest of the operations.

Let's see together step by step chow to create an attractive LinkedIn profile which people will not be able to resist.

A magnetic profile on LinkedIn

It is good to understand that LinkedIn is cut out for business and that your profile is not a CV, unless you are looking for a job.

For professionals, it is also important to remember that your LinkedIn profile is neither a lead magnet nor even a sales page.

Your profile should establish your expertise, your authority and above all point to the eyes of your prospects what you can do for them.

Typography, emojis, symbols….

Inserting LinkedIn emoticons or LinkedIn emojis on your profile, your posts, will help you greatly to capture the attention of users.

All this will help you to correctly structure your messages, your summary by bringing a nice touch of fun and even dynamism and enthusiasm that will thrill your audience.

  • Use images (symbols, smileys, bullets, emojis)
    • Stop the look 🔴🔴🔴
    • Structure the texts (with small paragraphs, bullet points or symbols ✅)
    • Use calls to action ➡️
  • Use bold, italics, special characters for your texts (Without forcing too much)
  • Resources (LinkedIn emojis and emoticons) to copy/paste


Add your contact details:

  • Email
  • Phone, Skype, WhatsApp…
  • Sites & Other Social Networks…
  • Location

The visual

The visual is very important to make a LinkedIn profile attractive. Visitors to your profile may be seduced from the sight of your cover or your profile picture. It is in this perspective that calling on a professional graphic designer is an important asset.

Your profile picture:

  • It must reflect your personality and be in line with your targets
  • Ex: A lawyer in a lawyer's robe
  • Ex: A sports coach in sportswear
  • ...

The banner must:

  • Remember your promise.
  • Have proof of authority.
  • Have a lead magnet.
  • Contain your news.

Ideally match the profile and the banner.

Your name

Try to find the best visual solution (there are infinite solutions)

  • Olivier MOINE
  • Olivier MONK ✔️
  • ☠️☠️ Olivier MOINE
  • Olivier MONK 🏴‍☠️
  • Olivier MOINE ▶ 💻💻💻
  • Olivier MONK 🚀🚀
  • Olivier MOINE Consultant in 🅸🅼🅼🅾🅱🅸🅻🅸🅴🆁

The title

In the blink of an eye, he must explain the benefits that you can bring to your targets and confirm your credibility (example).

Use promises.

  • I help people sell their house 💒
  • I help people double their turnover 🚀🚀
  • Get 10 appointments with decision makers 👍👍👍
  • I will assist you in your stock market investments 🌞🌞🌞
  • I find you 50 new prospects per week ➕➕🚀
  • Heh ...


An optimal presentation of your person can be a major asset to make your LinkedIn profile attractive.

  • Info : 3 lines visible + the full summary after clicking on see more.
  • It's like your sales page!
  • The structure of the intro (Use the AIDA structure)
    • AAttention: Your Skills
    • IInterest: Question, Problems, Desires
    • Ddesire: Promise
    • Action: “Let's talk about it”: TEL | EMAIL | Appointment form (Calendly…)
  • Decorate with symbols, emojis…

your personality

Your personality :

  • Bring out your vision, your values, your personality...
  • Ask yourself what are the three key moments in your professional/personal life… it's what makes you unique.


  • You (your history, your values, your fight…).
  • Your Solution.
  • FAQ, For Who…

Call to action

  • Experience: Hijacking corporate social proof (YouTube, Manzana, Facebook etc.)
  • Turn your resume into a sales program
  • Testimonials / Recommendations: send an email to your best clients and ask them for a testimonial.

Proofreading, correction and further perfecting your profile

  • Proofread.
  • Ventilate.
  • Decorate: images, emoji, bold, italics, font…
  • Add links: book your call, make an appointment, attend, participate in my webinar, in a meeting, in my live Facebook...
  • Add Content: Free Guide, Checklist, White Paper, Video, Article, Testimonials…


You now have all the elements to build a magnetic profile on LinkedIn, few prospects will resist it.

The foundations are laid for a great success on the professional platform, we will see in future articles how to target your prospects, connect with your prospects, start the conversation, content strategies, automation...

You'll love LinkedIn starting today...';