How to quickly create a CV with a CV Builder?

free cv template
free cv template

Creating a Curriculum Vitae is a daunting task. Why ? Simply because it is in this file that the recruiter will look the most to find out if you deserve the position or not. Without a perfect and well-organized CV, your application will be immediately rejected. This is where the importance of using CV Builder shows. Indeed, if you want to land a job easily, it is imperative to create an eye-catching and flawless CV, especially in terms of content and design.

Having trouble writing your CV? Want to get a highly qualified CV for your future job? Learn about the importance and benefits of using CV Builder in this guide.

What is a CV Builder generator?

A CV Builder is an online CV creation platform. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, this tool provides many functions for the creation of a CV. In order to create your CV quickly, it guides you step by step until you get a qualified CV according to the position you choose to apply for.

Among other things, interactive, visually captivating and well-structured CV templates are also available using a CV builder tool. You can have a ready-to-use CV in no time and without any effort. Varying from one platform to another, a online CV creation tool can be free or paid.

The advantages of creating your CV with the CV Builder tool

If you want to create a winning and conclusive CV in a short period of time, then using a CV Builder is ideal for you. Discover its many advantages below:

A CV ready to fill out to save your time

With CV Builder, it's easy for anyone to quickly create a professional-looking CV. All you have to do is choose the perfect template for your profile. The different sections of the template you choose are already created, you just have to fill them in with your information!

A totally customizable design to stand out

The curriculum vitae is the first contact between the candidate and the recruiter. That's why CV Builder provides you with impeccable resume templates. Indeed, you can change the design of your CV in one click. Thus, your application stands out from other applicants.

A CV that is easy to export, save and share

Once your CV is created, you can choose to download it in PDF or Word format. However, most companies only accept applicants who apply online. So you can keep your CV online and apply on various platforms or company site.

An editable CV available at any time

On the one hand, your CV can be changed at any time. If you've just finished your first CV template, but forgot to fill out the skills section for example, don't worry! You have the option to reshape your template and refill your CV. Indeed, with CV Builder such as for example, you can save as many copies of your CV. So if you want and customize them on the fly if needed.

On the other hand, your CV will be updated as you go. Indeed, most experts agree that your CV should be updated regularly and adapted to each new position you apply for. Therefore, our free generator helps keep your CV up to date.

In short, a CV Builder offers you:

  • Quick and easy resume creation.
  • Resume templates ready to be filled out with the essential sections that need to be included.
  • A wide choice of Templates and unlimited colors to create a style that suits you.

Note: If you are looking for the best CV builder platform that offers the benefits and options we have mentioned above, we recommend that you use the CV builder tool from In the next section, we will give you the steps to follow to create a tailor-made CV on this platform.

The steps to follow to create a tailor-made CV with the CV builder tool

There are only seven steps to follow and complete to successfully create a perfect CV with the online CV generator.

Step one: Choose the model and design that suits your profile

As mentioned above, with its CV creation tool offers several resume templates. So, you have a wide choice of CV templates ready to be filled out. To start creating, all you have to do is click on the template of your choice.

Second step: Fill in your details

In this step, you will fill in the necessary contact information: first and last name, home address, city, postal code, telephone numbers and email address.

Step Three: Add Your Experiences

In this step, you will talk about your experiences. You will fill in the following fields:

  • Title of previous job
  • The employer
  • The dates (start and end)
  • The place / town
  • A description of the last position

You can add more than one of your relevant experiences depending on the position you are applying for. It is advisable to mention the most recent experiences to the oldest. It is also advisable to ban experiences that are not identical to the position you are applying for.

Fourth step: Enter the information relating to your course

After completing the "experience" section, it is time to complete the "training" section. In this section, you must complete the following fields:

  • The institution you attended
  • The title of the diploma
  • The date of graduation
  • The place of establishment
  • A brief description of your university background

Step Five: Adding Your Skills

This step consists of mentioning your "hard-skills" and "softs-skills". To do this, you will click on "Add a skill" and you will fill in the field of the skill.

Footnotes : You can add the level of the skill if it is acquired.

Sixth step: Write the "About me" part

You may be wondering why the "About Me" section is in step six. That's right ! Because this section is the summary of your CV and highlights your experiences and skills. So, you will sum up your general experience in 3 sentences.

Seventh step: Finalizing your CV

In this last step, you will focus on the layout of your CV. You will personalize your CV using the following fields:

  • Model (you can reselect the model you selected in the first step)
  • Color (depending on the template you selected, you can customize the color of your CV)
  • Title font (you have a wide choice of fonts for your title, like Arial, Bebas Kai, Calibri, etc.)
  • Text font (you also have a wide choice of fonts for the body of your CV)
  • CV language (this field represents the language in which you want to write your CV)

This part also consists of rechecking all the different fields filled in during the previous steps.

Note :

  • You have the choice to add a "links" section to present your website or your social networks.
  • In each short description field, you can customize the headings by formatting them (bold, italics, underline, alignment, bulleted list and even insertion of links).
  • In the above steps, the "experience" section appears before the "training" section. If you are a recent graduate and lack experience, it is best to include the training before the experience. With one click, you can easily swap these two sections.
  • If you want your CV to have more weight with other skills, you can add other elements: personalized block, languages ​​mastered, certificates, references, internships, extracurricular activities, hobbies, driving license, publications, personal information.

Congratulation ! You have successfully created your own CV using the CV Builder tool. Now is the time to download it in the format you want. Remember that everything is free and you can create more than one.