How to convert MP3 audio to text?

convert audio mp3 text
convert audio mp3 text

Do you want convert MP3 to text ? As you probably already know, converting audio to text is called transcription.

Transcribe an audio file to text can be a real ordeal. Keyboarding an audio recording is very long and tedious. Fortunately, with recent advances in speech recognition, converters audio to text appeared.

Park guide walks audio to text converters thus represent a serious alternative that will save you time to transcribe audio file to text faster and have a better transcription experience.

For the curious, this article allows you to discover with which online software it is possible to convert audio file to text for free. You can do this in two different ways: online and with a software solution.

Online services to convert MP3 to text

Here are some converters mp3 super fast and free text messages available online.

360 converter

360converter interface

360 converter is an online tool for converting audio to text. It works on audio, but also on videos. You can download the file from your computer, cloud, or from a URL.

Another cool feature is that it also converts Chinese, Hindi, and French. These transcribed files are available as PDF or Word files.

This is another online tool to transcribe MP3 audio file to text. It supports uploading a file from computer, URL and cloud i.e. Google Drive or Dropbox. This online audio to text transcription tool also has an advantage, as it can transcribe in English, Chinese, French and Hindi.

Bear File Converter

Before you start to use Bear File Converter, make sure your audio file has minimal noise for the best results. Besides MP3, Bear File also works on WMA, Ogg and Wav to produce a text file. It uses Baidu or CMU Sphinx as an audio recognition engine.

After trying this online converter, I liked it because it is free and easy to use. All you need to do is upload your file and click "convert". However, this is not the best solution for large files.

Bear Converter does not support downloads of files larger than 3MB. In addition, the maximum online recording time is 3 minutes.

Go to Bear File Converter

Free software to convert MP3 to text

MP3 to text converter software generally offers more options and flexibility than their online counterparts. Here are the two best audio transcription software:


inqscribe is a free software de convert mp3 to text which gives you excellent results regardless of the quality of your audio file. With Inqscribe, you can convert MP3 to text on Mac or Windows.

I liked Inqscribe overall because it's user-friendly, flexible, and doesn't have complicated customizations and setups.

Download Inqscribe


HyperTRANSCRIBE interface

Hypertranscribe is another sophisticated MP3 to text converter application. Besides audio, it is also effective for transcribing videos.

Using Apple Computer's QuickTime technology, HyperTranscribe can play MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG, AVI, MOV and many other types of media files

In addition, all tasks are performed in a transcription window. So you don't need to switch from a reading window to a text window, and vice versa.

Download HyperTranscribe