How to clear the cache in Google Chrome?

Chrome 52
Chrome 52

It's a good idea to clear Google Chrome's cache every now and then. The Chrome cache helps speed up the loading of web pages that you have visited before.
However, having this data on the hard drive can be a privacy issue. So deleting them slightly increases the protection of your privacy.
To clear Google Chrome cache for Windows, here's how to do it:

Local data

  • Open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Since " Menu »In the upper right corner of the Chrome window, choose More tools >  Clear browsing data.
  • Select the period during which you want to delete the cached information using the drop-down menu Period. If you want to completely clear Chrome's cache, select All Periods at the end of the list.
  • Then check the box corresponding to Cached images and files.
  • Select the button Clear browsing data and Chrome will clear your cache.

Google Account Data

Some browser data is stored in your Google account. You can delete this data collected by google by following these steps.

  • From a browser, access the page Google - My activity .
  • Do one of the following:
    • Select next to any item you want to remove, then select " Remove ».
    • From the left menu, select " Delete activity by ", Choose the desired options, then select" Remove ».