How to choose the right gaming keyboard?

gaming keyboard
gaming keyboard

Dernière mise à jour: 14 mai 2024

In our hyper-connected era where speeds are exploding, the world of gaming has grown in size. What was at the time a simple entertainment has taken a new turn and there are many issues that arise from it.

It is in this context that gamers equip themselves better and better in order to be the most efficient. It is obvious that for a gamer, the performance of a keyboard is a very important selection criterion. A gaming keyboard can completely change your gaming experience.

Today, there are all kinds of keyboards on the market. They compete in functionality, but some are more efficient than others.

The different types of gaming keyboards

On the market, there are three types of gamer keyboards. We can mention in particular the mechanical keyboard, semi mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboard.

The membrane keyboard

Le membrane keyboard is appreciated because of silence and comfort that it offers to its user. These are aspects that are also very important in a game. However, the membrane keyboard could be similar to the traditional keyboard on which you can do word processing. They do not have force feedback and are therefore not very precise.

On the other hand, this type of keyboards have the advantage of be cheap. For beginner gamers, this is ideal.

The mechanical keyboard

Le mechanical keyboard is very popular with gaming professionals. This is due to the fact that it offers some very useful features for them.

In fact, in the first place, it has a very high precision. The players can thus ideally perform their maneuvers without the risk of making mistakes. Second, their proactivity is incommensurable. These two factors are very important in this world where speed and precision take precedence. A player's speed of action is often the key to success.

All the keys are equipped with switches which are equipped with a more or less large force feedback. This decreases the risk of accidental strikes and greatly increases accuracy.

On the other hand, pressing these keys make extremely noisy, it's up to you to see if this will not be problematic.

In summary, here are the advantages of mechanical keyboard:

  • Better typing comfort
  • Limited reaction time
  • Extreme precision
  • Comfort in use

The semi-mechanical keyboard

Le semi mechanical keyboard mixes the qualities of the mechanical keyboard and the membrane keyboard, and that, without really being a mechanical keyboard or a membrane keyboard. Namely the silence of the membrane keys and the precision of the mechanical keys.

By being a semi mechanical gaming keyboard, the result is quite satisfactory, if you are not too demanding. But, the precision and speed are not yet comparable to the mechanical keyboard.

Other Gaming functions of a keyboard

In short, in this article, I have given you the basics to choose your gaming keyboard. But you can also end up with other practical or sometimes aesthetic options:


Anti-ghosting is a feature that ensures that pressing 3, 4 or 10 keys simultaneously does not generate erratic behavior. This guarantees much better efficiency in games where pressing key combinations is essential.


RGB backlighting is an integral feature of many gaming keyboards. On the one hand it plays an aesthetic role, to affirm that a keyboard is dedicated to gaming. On the other hand, it makes it easy to locate the keys when playing in the dark.

The anti-touch Windows

This function allows the key to be locked. Windows so that it is not taken into account.

Programmable keys

A gamer keyboard can offer additional keys that the player will be able to program.

Finally, the list of additional options is very wide, because manufacturers keep offering always innovative features.
And there you have it, this article comes to an end! I hope it helps you a little in finding the keyboard model that suits you for this year.