How to check if your router is hacked?

check if my wifi is hacking
check if my wifi is hacking

Last updated: December 26, 2022

Do you think computers and smartphones are the only devices vulnerable to malicious attacks? ; make no mistake, hacking is not reserved for computers and phones: Wi-Fi routers can also be hacked.

Wi-Fi routers are one of the most common pieces of equipment in every home today, these small devices are increasingly targeted by hackers. And since hacking a router can affect an entire Wi-Fi network, it can be even more dangerous.

Not only will this affect the speed of your Internet connection, but it also exposes your personal informations.

In addition, it allows hackers to monitor and control your online activity, and also get you redirected to website clones popular to recover your password.

In this new tutorial, you will discover how to tell if your router is hacked and how to protect yourself against this type of attack.

How to detect if your router is hacked?

Thanks to the tool F Secure Router Checker, it is possible to easily know if your router has been hacked by a hacker.

F-Secure Router Checker is an online tool that will analyze your system's router settings Windows and will check if your DNS settings or router have been hacked or compromised.

The tool is easy to use and you don't need to download or install any software.

To use this tool, visit this link and click on the button Check your router“. In just a few seconds, you will be told whether your Internet connection is safe or not.

F-secure router checker interface

Your DNS server IP address details along with your IP address details will also be listed.

What should I do if my router is hacked?

Disconnect from the Internet

By disconnecting your router from the Internet, the hacker loses their ability to access the router since there is no longer a connection.

Reset your router

By performing a factory reset, your router will reset your settings and passwords. This action will also remove certain types of router malware.

There should be a reset button directly on the router to help you accomplish this task.

Change the administrator password

Once your router has been reset, log in to your router's administration interface. There should be a sticker on your router that details the default login credentials for reference.

After logging in, immediately change the administrator password to a complex password. This way, the hacker will not be able to reconnect to the router's administration interface.

Update your router firmware

Routers don't always update themselves, so it's important to update their firmware manually.

Le firmware is software that controls certain aspects of your router's hardware. Updates are important because they help patch vulnerabilities, which could be a prime target for a hacker looking to regain control of your router.