How to cancel an email sent to Gmail?

cancel an email sent on gmail
cancel an email sent on gmail

Last updated: January 2, 2023

Did you know that with Gmail, you can cancel sending an email you just sent?  And yes, it is possible to cancel your email sending, thanks to an experimental feature of Gmail.

This feature has been around for 6 years, I have personally used it several times a month since its launch. But I see around me that very few people know her. So I decided to share it with you in this article.

To add this option in Gmail, click on the cogwheel, at the top right, scroll down to the Settings menu and then go to the Labs tab.


Scroll down until you see "Cancel sending" then check Activate, then validate with another click on Save changes.


Once the function is activated, when you send an email,. So it's a kind of timer. When you send an email, the small yellow dialog box that says "Your message has been sent" now gives you the option to "Cancel".

Finally, you should know that the features of the Labs are experiments (which can last a long time) and are likely to change, or disappear at any time.